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3D Printing and Poop Make for Strange Bedfellows

Don’t get too excited, but an artist has used 3D printing with poop. Before you go and tell everyone that someone pooped in a petri dish and called it 3D printing and that you’ve been 3D printing the stuff for years, I have to inform you that the artist didn’t actually 3D print the poop.  He just printed some moulds with which to shape the poop.  Why you ask? Because art is art.

We’ve all done it (right?) — found a nice piece of dog poop on the ground and thought “What can I make with this?” Israeli artist Yariv Goldfarb decided to make art. After 3D printing moulds of various geometric shapes, Goldfarb went on to compress the doggy doodoo into building blocks. He then assembled them to emulate landmarks across the city of Tel Aviv, saying that by transforming “the unattractive waste into different, more recognizable shapes and objects, ‘play with poop’ helps to raise people’s awareness of their surroundings. The mini poop sculptures were placed in-front of several landmarks in Tel Aviv in the shape of these same landmarks –  reminding the people who walk next to them everyday to take a second look, instead of ignoring them.” Watch a video of his process below, followed by images of the blocks in front of the city’s architecture.

play poop-main-web from Yariv Gold on Vimeo.

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The project may not be for some people, but I personally think that Goldfarb does a great job of juxtaposing man-made architecture with dog-made fecal matter, elucidating the natural foundation on which all of life is based and to which it all returns. Plus, what have you done with poop that’s so special?

Source: Complex Art+Design