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A new 3D printing podcast, Another Dimension episode one: Tesla and 3D printing

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The first episode of 3D Printing Industry’s Another Dimension podcast is now available, decoding this week’s speculation that Elon Musk’s Tesla is poised to rapidly grow its additive manufacturing operations.

Hosted by 3D Printing Industry’s Editor-in-chief Michael Petch, Another Dimension is your weekly tech digest bringing you the latest news and analysis from across the 3D printing sector.

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Episode one

A job advertisement for an Additive Manufacturing Technician posted by Tesla earlier this week has caused speculation that share prices in the company have jumped significantly, evidenced by a hike in share prices across the board from the likes of 3D Systems, Exone, Voxeljet, and Stratasys. Petch delves into what has caught the imagination of investors, and muses what this could mean for the wider additive manufacturing landscape.

Looking at the bigger picture, Petch discusses how car makers have used 3D printing in the past, and how through manufacturing facility investments, collaborative projects, and battery research divisions, additive manufacturing is driving the autonomous electric vehicle revolution.

Another Dimension combs through the news of the past week to dig up the most interesting launches, innovations, and collaborations currently circulating the 3D printing sector.

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