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AutoDesk Co-Founder passes away, 3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Meltio, 3D Systems, ADDMAN Group, Senvol, and more

In this edition of Sliced, the 3D Printing Industry news digest, we cover the latest business developments, partnerships, and acquisitions in the additive manufacturing sector.

Today’s edition features new materials, partnerships, and business deals. Additionally, it is with sorrow that we acknowledge the passing of Autodesk Co-Founder, John Walker.

Read on for the most recent updates from Autodesk, Meltio, 3D Systems, ADDMAN Group, Senvol, and more.

Autodesk Co-Founder, John Walker passes away at 75

It is with heavy hearts that the 3D printing community mourns the loss of John Walker, the esteemed Co-Founder of Autodesk, who passed away on February 2, at the age of 75.

John exhibited an early aptitude for technology and innovation. He pursued his passion for computer programming, eventually co-founding Autodesk in 1982. Alongside his colleagues, John played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the field of computer-aided design (CAD), leading to the development of groundbreaking software solutions such as AutoCAD, which transformed industries worldwide.

John’s leadership and vision were integral to Autodesk’s success. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and empowering designers and engineers left an indelible mark on the company and the broader tech community. 

In addition to his contributions to Autodesk, John was a prolific author, penning “The Autodesk File,” a definitive account of the company’s history and evolution. His insights and wisdom shall continue to inspire future generations of innovators.

John Walker. 1949 – February 2, 2024.

Business deals and acquisitions news from WeAreAM, PartsToGo, Bantam Tools, and more

Starting with business deals and acquisitions, Italian metal AM company WeAreAM has added 3D Systems’ DMP Flex 350 Dual into its Center of Excellence. WeAreAM offers comprehensive AM services to various industrial sectors like oil & gas, automotive, and aerospace. With 3D Systems’ solution, WeAreAM can diversify applications, meeting customer needs and driving innovation. 

The DMP Flex 350 Dual offers flexible usage, a central server for management, and reduced gas consumption. Oqton’s 3DXpert software enhances efficiency by up to 75%. WeAreAM will benefit from close collaboration with Gruppo Grazioli, 3D Systems’ latest partner in Italy. Together, they will offer training, support, and various services to ensure that manufacturers adopting AM technology fully utilize the solution, maximizing their investments.

Next up, Analytical Components International (ACI), known for its precision engineering in ultra-hard materials, has announced the integration of polycarbonate and polyetherimide (PEI) materials with advanced 3D printing technology. This strategic move enhances rapid prototyping and fixture development, emphasizing ACI’s commitment to industry innovation. 

The addition of these materials enables ACI to create prototypes and fixtures with exceptional mechanical properties and heat resistance. Leveraging 3D printing, ACI can produce precise parts, facilitating faster design iterations and customization. This development aligns with ACI’s sustainability goals, as both polycarbonate and PEI are recyclable materials, reducing waste in the manufacturing process.

“We are seeing a game-changing leap forward in the ultra-hard material development space. The integration of polycarbonate, PEI materials and ultra-hard materials like synthetic sapphire in conjunction with 3D printing technology allows us to leverage the exceptional properties of these materials. We can deliver high-performance prototypes and durable fixtures that meet the exacting standards of our clients. This advancement showcases our dedication to innovation and positions us at the forefront of our industry,” said Jon Bohlin, Operations and Manufacturing Director for Analytical Components International.

German service bureau PartsToGo has acquired Stratasys’ four stereolithography (SLA) printers, three Neo800, and one Neo450 3D printer to enhance industrial part production. PartsToGo further strengthens its operations by establishing a specialized facility in the Black Forest, offering 24/7 production and automation cells. 

Critical materials such as Somos WaterShed XC 11122 and Somos PerFORM ensure the delivery of high-quality resin models. Leveraging the Neo series’ open material system, PartsToGo achieves maximum flexibility, while maintaining high standards of quality and speed, ultimately reducing finishing time by up to 50%.

A total of six Stratasys Neo 3D printers will be installed at PartsToGo’s new facility, with a seventh already in discussion. Photo via Stratasys.

Desktop CNC manufacturer Bantam Tools, has announced the acquisition of Evil Mad Scientist, a designer and manufacturer of computer-controlled drawing and handwriting machines. Dr. Windell Oskay and Lenore Edman, Co-Founders of Evil Mad Scientist, will join Bantam Tools as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO), respectively, overseeing technical development and operations from the company’s Peekskill, New York headquarters. The acquisition will expand Bantam Tools’ product offerings to include art machines, alongside their high-precision CNC milling machines.

Industrial 3D printing materials manufacturer 6K has secured its leadership in the sustainable production of advanced materials for batteries and additive manufacturing, earning recognition on the 2024 Global Cleantech 100 list for the second consecutive year. Its UniMelt Microwave Plasma Production Platform is pivotal, revolutionizing metal additive manufacturing and battery material production with a faster and cleaner process. 

Notable achievements include a $50 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) for its battery material production plant and a $23.4 million grant for upcycling critical metals for defense applications. 6K is committed to expanding its capacity and metal processing capabilities, driving innovation in clean technology.

UK-based 3D printing company Tri-Tech 3D will supply the Stratasys F3300 Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D printer delivering double the speed of alternatives with significant cost and reliability enhancements. Equipped with increased gantry speeds, automated calibration, and four print heads, it caters to end-use part production and prototyping needs. 

The machine allows for versatile material and color options, advanced software for higher part density, and added sensors for predictive maintenance. Pre-orders are open, with shipping expected in Q2 2024, promising enhanced productivity and quality for Tri-Tech 3D’s clientele.

The Stratasys F3300 FDM 3D printer. Photo via Stratasys.

Additionally, AML3D has received an order worth AUD$2.2 million for its largest custom ARCEMY metal 3D printing system, facilitated by US-based reseller Phillips Corp. The system is earmarked for installation at Austal USA’s Advanced Technologies facility in Charlottsville, Virginia. This marks the second order through Phillips Corp. since their collaboration began in April 2023. 

Based on the ARCEMY 6700 model, the custom-built ARCEMY unit features an 11,000kg positioner and a 4-meter linear rail, offering a substantial build volume of around 35 m³. Scheduled for completion and installation by mid-2024, this system reinforces Austal USA’s additive manufacturing capabilities, supporting the US Navy’s supply chain and enhancing post-delivery support for military ships across allied fleets.

German additive manufacturing integrator FIT AG has integrated Meltio‘s wire laser metal deposition technology into its portfolio, enhancing accessibility to innovative metal 3D printing solutions. Meltio’s multi-metal 3D printing solution, utilizing commodity welding wire, integrates seamlessly with robotic and CNC equipment. This collaboration expands metal 3D printing services in Germany and the DACH region, aiming to bolster industrial additive manufacturing.

On another note, Meltio has selected 3D Phoenix to distribute its metal 3D printing solutions in Poland. Meltio’s technology, centered around welding wire, offers safe, clean, and cost-effective metal feedstock for industrial applications. Poland’s metal 3D printing market, transitioning from traditional machining processes, shows a growing interest in adopting new technologies, particularly emphasizing 3D printing. 3D Phoenix aims to build a supportive ecosystem for Meltio’s technology in Poland, collaborating with technology centers, tooling machine companies, robotic integrators, academia, and industry. 

Emerging partnerships from 3DPrinterOS, Meltio, DyeMansion, and more

Moving on to partnerships, metal 3D printer developer Meltio and One Off Robotics have together introduced the One Off Robotics Cell, a turn-key metal additive manufacturing workcell integrating Meltio’s Wire Laser Metal Deposition technology. This system offers rapid, efficient, and dependable part production, with a remarkable deposition rate of up to 1 kg per hour. 

Designed for various sectors including automotive and aerospace, it seamlessly integrates with robotic slicers and software for precise control and consistent output. According to the company, comprehensive support and training are provided for end-users globally.

“Meltio’s main commitment with this new product offering with the One Off Robotics Cell powered by Meltio, Made in the USA is to offer all types of industries the ability to manage the entire manufacturing process using our metal 3D printing technology consisting of a Meltio head integrated into a robotic arm and a safe environment, to just produce parts. This new hardware system allows the customer to receive a ready-to-use cell for robotic metal 3D printing, removing the integration process and long assembly lead times,” says Meltio Engine Product Manager, Alejandro Nieto.

The One Off Robotics Cell. Photo via Meltio.

Following next,  3DPrinterOS and Polymaker have formed a strategic partnership, offering up to 30% off Polymaker materials for 3DPrinterOS customers. This collaboration combines cloud-based management with advanced materials, enhancing efficiency, quality, and scalability in 3D printing. The partnership aims to revolutionize the industry, addressing production and material limitations, and signaling a significant shift in manufacturing capabilities.

Hawk Ridge Systems and DyeMansion have joined forces to bolster 3D printing post-processing solutions, especially for Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) users, aiming for global additive manufacturing advancement. With a track record spanning nearly 30 years in the U.S. and Canadian markets, Hawk Ridge Systems provides end-to-end design-to-manufacturing solutions. 

By integrating DyeMansion’s industrial post-processing technologies such as Powershot C, Powershot S, DM60, and Powerfuse S with Hawk Ridge Systems’ offerings, the collaboration facilitates automated depowdering, enhances cleaning efficiency, provides a range of color options, and introduces eco-friendly vapor polishing.

Materials provider Sandvik and KBM Advanced Materials have signed a distributor agreement for Sandvik’s Osprey metal powders in the USA, expanding access to high-quality powders for additive manufacturing. The partnership aims to meet increasing demand, offering US customers easy access to high-quality alloys while shortening delivery times.

Andrew Coleman, Head of metal powder and additive manufacturing at Sandvik, said, “We are thrilled to offer our customers in the United States easy access to our market-leading range of Osprey® metal powders. We are seeing increasing demand for our high-quality powders and have listened to our customers’ needs for a US-based stock with short delivery times. We are very proud to offer a customer-centric business solution that will enable them to access high-quality alloys fast, without compromising on quality.”

Sandvik’s Osprey metal powder. Photo via Sandvik.

Elsewhere, Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) has partnered with LINCSOLUTION in South Korea, CadXpert in Poland and the Baltic Sea Regions, and Russel Smith in Africa as part of its global expansion strategy in 2024. These partnerships aim to leverage local expertise and infrastructure to penetrate new markets effectively. 

LINCSOLUTION brings industry knowledge and after-sales service capabilities to support BLT’s presence in South Korea. Russel Smith’s partnership in Africa extends beyond additive manufacturing to include energy services, facilitating BLT’s growth in West Africa and beyond. BLT’s partnership with CadXpert in Poland and the Baltic Sea Regions facilitates its European expansion by offering a comprehensive suite of 3D printing solutions tailored to client needs. CadXpert’s extensive post-sales support enhances BLT’s ability to provide holistic regional services.

QOROX and CyBe Construction construct the Paremoremo House

New Zealand’s construction 3D printing company QOROX partnered with CyBe Construction to build the Southern Hemisphere’s largest 3D printed building, Paremoremo House, showcasing advanced and cost-effective 3D concrete printing technology. With a total area of 252m², the house accommodates a family of four and seamlessly integrates into its natural surroundings. 

Senior Construction assisted in installing the 3D printed concrete panels, totaling 360m² in area, which were prefabricated in Hamilton to ensure optimal print conditions before installation. Utilizing 3D printing, QOROX achieves sustainability, reduces emissions by 30%, and enables personalized designs without added costs. The house boasts flood and earthquake resistance, enhancing its climate resilience. QOROX’s CEO, Wafaey Swelim, envisions 3D printing as the future of construction and ventures into selling printers to advance the technology.

The Paramoremo House. Photo via CyBe Construction.

ADDMAN Group receives ISO 13485 certification

ADDMAN Group, a company focused on medical manufacturing, has upgraded its ISO 13485 certification, a standard for quality management systems in the medical device industry. 

This upgrade includes integrating two advanced 3D Systems 320 machines, enhancing ADDMAN’s ability to meet the needs of the medical manufacturing community. The certification ensures adherence to rigorous quality, regulatory, risk management, and safety standards essential for producing medical devices.

Senvol Leads U.S. Air Force initiative using machine learning to qualify AM processes

Additive manufacturing data specialist Senvol has been chosen to spearhead a program focused on demonstrating the efficacy of machine learning in AM process qualification. This initiative, funded by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) through America Makes, aims to leverage Senvol’s advanced machine learning software, Senvol ML, to enhance the way AM processes are qualified and re-qualified. 

Collaborating with industry giants like Boeing, National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR), and Battelle, Senvol will showcase an innovative approach to AM qualification, offering unprecedented flexibility and long-term sustainability. The program’s outcomes are poised to reshape the landscape of AM certification, benefiting both industry stakeholders and government agencies.

Masterclass led by Ralf Anderhofstadt explores industrial 3D printing’s transformative potential

Renowned expert Ralf Anderhofstadt, Head of the Center of Competence Additive Manufacturing at Daimler Truck is leading a masterclass empowering participants to harness 3D printing’s potential for streamlining processes. Industrial 3D printing revolutionizes manufacturing, offering cost-effective production and shorter time-to-market. 

Digitalization transforms spare parts management, introducing innovative business models like the digital twin-based warehouse, enhancing part availability, pricing, and supply chain resilience. With extensive experience and authorship of “Disruptive 3D Printing,” Anderhofstadt demonstrates industrial 3D printing’s versatility across sectors, offering insights and strategies to unlock its benefits in various industries.

Additional details regarding the Industrial 3D Printing Masterclass can be obtained from i40-the future skills company.

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Featured image shows the Paramoremo House. Photo via CyBe Construction.