3D Printing

3D Printing Metal Drone Parts with Aero Kinetics and SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions has recently teamed up with Aero Kinetics to bring advanced 3D printed metal solutions to Aero Kinetics’s latest multi-rotor vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aircraft.


Using 3D printing to rapidly and accurately produce aluminum and titanium part prototypes and parts allows Aero Kinetics to manufacture aerospace-grade, complex, fully optimized components. Using additive manufactured parts on unmanned aircraft might be the first step in a revolution of 3D printed aerospace parts.

Aero Kinetics founder W. Hulsey Smith says, “We are thrilled to have SLM on board with our program. The safety, speed, and quality of SLM’s machines are well suited to produce ultra-lightweight structural components for unmanned aircraft. When coupled with Aero Kinetics’ subject matter expertise in design for additive metal manufacturing, we will reduce weight in our critical structural components. SLM and their technology help us deliver unmanned aircraft to our clients with the most advanced 3D printing technology.”


James Fendrick, Vice President of Sales & Marketing says, “We are excited about the opportunity to work with a leading innovator in the VTOL segment like Aero Kinetics, in attaining FAA certification for parts built on SLM Solutions products. We believe there is true value in proving that our products are capable of manufacturing parts that are flight worthy, and able to pass strict FAA requirements.”

Aero Kinetics is not only the first company to file for an FAA Type certification for their Unmanned Aircraft Systems, but operates in other aerospace and defense capacities, as well. The innovation shown by Aero Kinetics in partnering with SLS Solutions, a leader in 3D metal manufacturing, anticipates a future where unmanned and manned aircraft along with automobiles will use less expensive, more efficient methods to make additive manufactured parts.