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3D Printing The Land Of Chocolate

Piq Chocolates is an Austin, USA-based start-up that creates personalised chocolates, by combining everyone’s favourite new technology with everyone’s favourite tasty treat. Piq wishes to help push the ‘form factor possibilities of chocolate,’ by providing a new platform as a custom confectioner with aesthetic artisanship for all. I couldn’t help but drift to thoughts of the Simpson’s episode where Homer’s imagination (always a surreal experience) is triggered by the term ‘the land of chocolate…’

The Piq process is simple. Or at least when broken down into simple steps:

1. Design Your Own

Try out the custom creation tool to create personalized chocolate bars embossed with your image or logo, or consult with Piq’s in-house designers to perfect your masterpiece. Share your brilliant ideas and Piq will handle the rest.

2. Select Your Chocolate

Piq source its chocolate from some of the finest cocoa growing regions of the World; where making chocolate has been an art and an industry for centuries.

3. Check Your Doorstep

Packaged and shipped to your doorstep. Speciality gift boxes or individually packaged favours can be arranged.

This is not going to be something that everyone is capable of, that many will have the time to engage in, and many will be able to afford the luxury of in times of economic austerity.

piq chocolate 3d printer kickstarter

However, this could well be live in time for Christmas, for those who can design and afford these tasty treats. The possibilities are almost endless. 3D printed chocolate portraits of your loved ones. 3D printed chocolate versions of favourite possessions. 3D printed versions of chocolate bars that look as if they are in chocolate wrappers of popular chocolate brands. Beware copyright infringement however, we wouldn’t wish the Grinch / bad Santa to come whip you to jail for producing tender items for your children at Christmas that look a little too much like patented design X.

Piq Chocolates is appealing for assistance by backing them on prime platform for funding Kickstarter and by choco-spreading the word as much as possible. With your help they can get the equipment they need to get you a one-of-a-kind stocking stuffer or Valentine’s Day gift.

If successful, everyone who pledged at least USD$5 will be able to order custom shaped chocolates before Valentine’s Day 2014 and many will get access before Christmas 2013.

Piq Chocolate’s motto is “Make it Better,” and it is certainly possible that The Land of Chocolate, and the sweets and treats cupboard, will be made at least a little better by helping them gain the funding that they need.