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Ready for Face-Off, Proto3000 Prints Hockey Puck Simulating the Real Thing in Time for 2013 NHL Season

It is not confirmed if it can handle the Mighty Duck “knuckle-puck”, but Proto3000 has printed a hockey puck simulating the vulcanized rubber of the real thing. Meant to commemorate the start of the 2013 NHL season with a bit of a Canuck push, Proto aimed to erase distinction between their 3D printed puck and the official one. Using VeroWhitePlus and TangoBlackPlus at a shore value of A95, Proto hoped to simulate the 1 in. thick 3 in. in diameter puck weighing between 5.5 and 6 ounces. Then they brought it to center ice.

In order to test its mettle, Jeff Pendergast, a former AHL player, performed some drills and took around 20 shots and gave his stamp of approval. Of course to fully test the puck, Jeff gave it a few slapshots off the goal and glass. The printed puck escaped the ordeal with only a few slight scratches and tenderness.

It will be interesting to see if this print of passion leads to more development. The World Cup modifies its ball’s structure and material almost every tournament now, and the same rubber form has been in use since 1885. There might be some potentially fruitful effects both economically and ecologically if research and models prove successful. It is pure speculation on this author’s part. As long as it does not impair the ability of Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles King’s all-star goalie, to be the wall he is for opposing players, then why not?

Source: Proto3000