3D Printing Industry celebrates 5 years reporting, new expert insight series announced

It’s our birthday. Five years ago, this website was founded to bring accurate, informative and educated news about additive manufacturing and the 3D printing industry to our readers.

During those 5 years we’ve become the first choice for anyone who needs to stay current with what is an increasingly fast moving 3D world.

3D Printing Industry keeps you on the inside track with news, insight and also our opinion pieces bringing you accurate forecasts about takeover targets and 3D printing trends.

Welcoming the future of 3D printing. Photo by Michael Petch
Welcoming the future of 3D printing. Photo by Michael Petch

We’ve interviewed the leaders of the major 3D printing enterprises and the founders of the companies that might be the next big thing. We speak to the people involved in every aspect of the 3D printing world, from the makers to the scientists at prestigious academic institutions.

We’re always ready to talk more, so if you’ve got something to say, then let us know!

The 3D Printing Industry Awards

We’re excited about the remainder of this year and have our 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards coming up. Although voting only opened earlier this week, already almost 1,000 votes have been cast.

The awards are shaping up to be the largest survey conducted of what people involved in the 3D printing industry believe are the most important technologies, enterprises and people. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you vote now.

3DPI awards vote now-01

While it’s important to look at how the industry has progressed, we’re already looking forward to the next 5 years.

The future of 3D printing

To help us understand what the future of 3D printing might look like, and also how to get there, we’ve invited some of the most insightful and well informed people in the 3D printing industry to tell us.

We’ve had recent guest posts from industry leaders such as Ralph Resnick the Founding Director of America Makes, and today we’re announcing our new series, “3D Printing: The Next 5 Years.”

Starting on Monday, 3D Printing Industry will bring you articles from makers, founders, analysts, scientists, c-level executives and everyone in between. We’ve been collecting these articles for the past several months, and hope you will find them just as insightful as we have.

GE posters at Formnext 2016. Photo by Michael Petch.
GE posters at Formnext 2016. Photo by Michael Petch.

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Featured image shows a few of the 3D prints and other objects  at the 3D Printing Industry office earlier today.