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CosPrint Startup is Looking to fit Cosplayers with Custom Designed Costumes and Props using 3D Printing

CosPrint just launched a new campaign on Indiegogo and is looking to start a custom 3D print shop aimed directly at the cosplay and replica costume community. They are looking to fund the purchase of some 3D printers, pay for convention space and to open a marketplace for designers to sell their creations to other cosplayers.

CosPrint 3d printing

If you’re unfamiliar with what cosplaying is, then congratulations on coming out of that decades-long coma so recently. Costume play has been around for since the 80’s and involves dressing up as your favourite pop culture character while going to conventions, for playing live action role playing games or just for fun. Most cosplayers make their own costumes, often times at great personal expense and labour. Some of the more skilled cosplayers have begun to make livings from selling their creations or custom making costumes for others. 3D printing is a natural fit for the cosplay community and I’m surprised that it took this long for someone to try to turn 3D printed costume parts into a business. Take a look at their campaign video for more about their plans:

makerbot 3d printerCosPrint is looking to raise $35,000 to launch their start-up. This will include purchasing a Gigabot for larger costume and prop pieces, a 5th Gen Replicator and the over-sized Replicator Z18 for smaller costume details and props. It would also allow them to open their web community marketplace where talented costume makers and 3D designers will be able to sell their creations or offer their services. Additionally they have plans to purchase 3D scanners and attend major conventions with them. They will offer 3D scanning at their booths so costume parts can be customized and made to fit their customers’ bodies.

As an added bonus, CosPrint is looking to set itself up as an ethical company by looking into acquiring a B Corporation certification. The B Corp certification is only granted to companies that value making the world a better place as much as making a profit. Furthermore, they will also be donating a portion of each contribution to The D20 Girls Project, a non-profit group that is attempting to combat negative portrayals of women in geek culture.

The D20 Girls Project 3d printing

The Indiegogo campaign is just getting started, so head on over and help them out. There are several great perk packages available including custom dice, masks and free lifetime 3D scans. There are also special perks for people who make the most referrals on Indiegogo if you are unable to contribute monetarily.