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3D Printer Manufacturer Reduces 3D Printing Costs in India

The 3D printer market in India — reflecting a global trend — is starting to pick up steam. When 15-year-old, Angad Daryani, started building and selling his own RepRap kits, it was because locals were relying on importing expensive 3D printers from other countries. More recently, however, new 3D printer manufacturers have merged with products that they can label “Made in India.” At the end of last year, we wrote about Brahma3’s Anvil 3D Printer. Since then, a new 3D printer manufacturer from India has come onto the scene.

accucraft 3D printer launches

Divide By Zero Technologies is a spin-out of its sister company, LabGuard, a manufacturer of fume hoods and laboratory furniture. Using its experience in prototyping parts from LabGuard, Divide By Zero produced the Accucraft S 150 3D Printer. The S 150 is an FFF Machine with a steel chassis and a build volume of 160mm x 160mm x 160mm. It boasts a speed of up to 300mm/sec and accuracy of up to 10 microns. With a heated platform, the S 150 can use PLA and ABS. See it in action below:

The printer launched at Plastivision 2013, an expo devoted to plastic manufacturing in India. The company’s CEO, Swapnil Sansare, indicated that the printer was well-received at the event due to its being locally manufactured, “We have received a very good response at the show. The visitors have appreciated the product since it is entirely made in India and hence service support and spare parts is not an issue.” Coupled with the Brahma3, we might say that the Indian 3D printer marketplace is beginning to heat up, that the 3D printing trend is saturating the planet, and that, no matter where you live, there’s always the possibility that a local 3D printer manufacturer will emerge freeing developing nations from costly foreign imports.

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