3D Printing

Plot Clock: a 3D-Printed Robot that Plots the Ceaseless March of Time

The Plot Clock is a DIY project that maintains the same tagline as life itself: both incredibly genius and completely pointless. This manifestation of existential boredom is a robotic clock that writes the time every minute on a whiteboard, only to erase it so that it can write the next minute. And on and on until the end of eternity. Watch it perform its meaningless task below:

O, Plot Clock! How you mock my life, erasing your own meaning with every minute that passes!

If you’ve got a completely pointless weekend ahead of you, why not do something genius with it and build your own Plot Clock? All that is required are the following tools: a laser cutter or 3D printer, 1 Arduino Uno microcontroller, 3 servo motors, 1 dry wipe pen, some M3 nuts and bolts, a thread tap, and an ability to choke back your own existential nausea. The parts to build Plot Clock are 3D printable, so you can watch one robot print the parts to build another robot that mindlessly counts down the hours until this purgatory called life ends as insignificantly as it began.

3D Printing plotclockBut, wait! There’s hope! Plot Clock is a work in progress, according to its Thingiverse page.  Other users have been remixing the design in order to perfect it because, it seems, the Plot Clock doesn’t just plot the time and erase it over and over. There are glitches! And where there are glitches, there is hope that we’re not trapped in a meaningless samsara, only to be eaten up and spit out back into existence. There’s the chance that you can download the parts for Plot Clock and program it to, not plot the time, but to induce nirvana! The only problem now, is to figure out how to program a machine to cause enlightenment…

Source: Twisted Sifter