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3D printed office warfare: rubber band edition

So a few weeks ago I covered a gigantic NERF gun with 3D printed projectiles. How did it fare in your own 3D printed office warfare? Was too cumbersome for combat? Did your boss yell at you for breaking a window after you built your own? Never fear, Matthew Davis has submitted a design on Instructables to take away these worries, with the help of copious amounts of rubber bands.


Meet The Arcus. It is capable of firing off a staggering 48 rubber bands in seconds. The most I can hope to fire off in a row without this 3D printed, arm mounted gatling gun is 3, and that’s if I manage not to hit myself in the face in the process.

The Arcus uses the energy from the rubber bands it is shooting to spin the barrels. It is also arm mounted, so you can put your arm right through the middle and watch the barrels spin around it as you fire away. As you pull on the trigger, a cam system is used so the barrels will rotate.


The rubber bands that keep the gun functioning are size #64, which you can find in most online stores. Davis printed the parts on an Ultimaker 2, but they can be printed on anything with a print bed of 200mm x 200mm.



There are a lot of parts, but Davis has uploaded detailed instructions on how to put together his beautiful creation. All the pieces are designed to snap together, so no messy glue or screws are needed either. Just clean off any excess bumps after printing, assemble, and away you go!

The best part is that most offices come pre-loaded with plenty of ammunition! So start printing and assembling now to get it ready before your co-workers build their own.