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3D Printed Jewellery Spotlight: Kimberly Ovitz

Kimberly Ovitz, the daughter of Hollywood’s very own Michael Ovitz, presented her first – and 3D printed – Fall 2013 collection at New York Fashion week last month. The collection was created in close collaboration with 3D printing marketplace Shapeways.

The collection is quite unique and as Kimberly herself refered to it, the pieces create a fluid and organic line that mould to the wearer’s body like armour. The collection is presented below.

Kimberly Ovitz with shapeways

The first item in the collection is a collar necklace called the Prosoma Necklace. It is available in three different materials: Black Strong & Flexible, Stainless Steel or Alumide. The retail price is $495 for Stainless Steel and $250 for the other two. The size specs for the Prosoma Neclace are in cm: 20.316 w x 16.518 d x 10.478 h and in inches: 7.998 w x 6.503 d x 4.125 h.

Kimberly Ovitz - Prosoma Necklace

The second item is a modern ear hook with four angular spikes of different sizes and it’s called the Spicules Earhook. It’s available in four different materials: Stainless Steel, Royal Blue Strong & Flexible Polished, Black, Strong & Flexible and Alumide. Spicules Earhook retails for $65 for all materials except Stainless Steel, which costs $135. The size specs are as follows, in cm: 1.012 w x 5.45 d x 6.782 h and in inches: 0.398 w x 2.146 d x 2.67 h.

Kimberly Ovitz Spicules Earhook

The third piece in the collection is an organic shaped ring that spirals around the finger to the back of the hand. It’s named Squama Ring and is available in the same materials as the Spicules Earhook. The retail prices are $125 to Stainless Steel and $55 for the others. Should be noted that he ring size is 7 in Stainless Steel, but flexible for other materials. The size specs are: in cm: 8 w x 2.832 d x 2.572 h and in inches: 3.15 w x 1.115 d x 1.013 h.

Kimberly Ovitz - Squama Ring

Kimberly’s collection also includes a small and sturdy ear cuff with three prong spikes. This is named the Thana Earcuff. The materials available are the same as for Squama Ring and Spicules Earhook. Retail price is $35 for materials other than Stainless Steel, which can be acquired for $75. Size specs for the earcuff are as follows, in cm: 1.466 w x 1.568 d x 2.604 h and inches: 0.577 w x 0.617 d x 1.025 h.

Kimberly Ovitz - Thana Earcuff

The last item in the collection is a fluid, organic bracelet which spirals from pointer finger to wrist in a sleek metallic finish or nylon, called the Coelom Bracelet. It fits best on small wrists (especially in stainless steel), and as the other ring in the collection the Coelom Bracelet features size 7 for Stainless Steel and flexible size for other materials, which are Black Strong & Flexible and Alumide. The retail price is $95 except Stainless Steel costs $225. The size specs are: cm: 20.516 w x 6.964 d x 5.03 h and inches: 8.077 w x 2.742 d x 1.98 h

Kimberly Ovitz - Coelom Bracelet

The Kimberly Ovitz collection was also rated high by Shapeways designer Duann Scott: ”I think it is HOT!!! I was lucky enough to be in the factory when it was being printed to see all the women who run the machines getting really excited. It is inspiring to see a designer such as Kimberly be so quick to innovate and realize her aesthetic with 3D printing technology.”

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Read more about Kimberly Ovitz and the collection on the website.