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Win a 3D Printed 14K Gold Ring via Jewelrythis

Among 3D model marketplaces that actually sell designs, Jewelrythis is one of the most successful because, as founder Dror Habusha told me on a 27° C and sunny Israeli day at the beach, it was built to fill a jewelry market need for models in a new way. That is, by offering immediate accessibility to intricate, beautiful and complex designs to purchase, download, 3D print and lost wax cast.

cocktail 3d printed gold ringDror told me there are upwards of 4,000 designs now available on his network and many more are coming as the owners of such designs have expressed interest for the platform, while more and more potential customers register to browse and download the designs for themselves, as well.

To celebrate its first successful year, Jewelrythis is organizing a “scavenger hunt”, rewarding the winner with a 14K gold ring with a CZ stone in the design of his or her choice, while 2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive a sterling silver ring.

jewelrythis contest 3d printing jewellery

“Our goal with this contest is to help people visualize the fact that those featured on Jewelrythis are not just digital, virtual rings but can actually become beautiful jewelry pieces through 3D printing,” Dror explained. “Even though Jewelrythis deals primarily with CAD/CAM files, by 3D printing these designs, we can remind the Jewelrythis community, that these designs become real jewelry worn by real people – satisfied customers who looked for and found original and beautiful designs on Jewelrythis.”

To participate in the scavenger hunt contest, visitors need only answer a few questions on a survey about their experience on Jewelrythis, commenting on its selection of designers and designs.

designs jewelrythis contest 3d printing jewellery

3DPI had covered Jewelrythis shortly after the launch and its continued growth one year later is demonstrating that jewelry remains one of the first areas for consumer 3D printing applications. “3D printing is quickly changing the way we think about jewelry design and manufacturing,” Dror explained. “Today, 3D jewelry design software allows designers to create with much greater precision, detail, complexity, and consistency, and they can do so at enhanced levels of creativity and lower costs. 3D printers are also poised to revolutionize the jewelry industry and actually are already doing so.

“Although 3D printing has been adopted by the jewelry industry for well over a decade, evolving technologies have now made it possible to print CAD jewelry designs in precious metals so that end products can be printed directly. This significantly reduces manufacturing time and costs and the benefits both manufacturers and consumers.” If you want to see for yourself all you need to do is participate in the hunt.