3D Printing

3D Print Your Kids an Ant Farm

Dizingof is a designer with considerable talent and an even greater passion for 3D printing. Traditionally, his design work is focused on beautiful sculptures and designs based on Math Art. In a slight deviation from this, Dizingof’s latest design, available today on Thingiverse, is a 5 Star, Deluxe Ant Farm. It is a signature design with a mathematically generated reaction-diffusion structure — and according to Dizingof, it is a great project for the whole family to 3D print together and subsequently enjoy.

The structure of the ant farm has 10 mm wide hallways (enough room for incoming and outgoing ant traffic). The top centre area has the entrance, while the bottom-centre area has a large chamber for the queen and her entourage.

Full instructions for creating the entire ant farm are provided together with the downloadable 3D design for printing. The materials recommended for the 3D printed parts are ABS/PLA or Laywood filament.

There is even a link to a YouTube video for anyone unsure on how to source the ants once their new home is complete.

Source: Thingiverse