3D Printing

3D print your favorite Star Trek things

With the 50th anniversary this year, as well as the release of the newest J.J. Abrams Star Trek installment this week, ‘Star Trek Beyond’, I thought we could have a look at some of the awesome Star Trek things out there to print. From Enterprise replicas, to warp core table lamps to… Star Trek pizza cutter holders? There are some incredible printables online for you to get excited about.

Star Trek pizza cutter holder


Let’s start off with the pizza cutter holder. If you are a proud owner of the Star Trek pizza cutter (I personally have a sonic screwdriver pizza cutter), and you think it’s too pretty to sit in a drawer, fear not! ThePlanetMike on Thingiverse has designed a cool Star Trek logo stand, so it can be proudly put on display in any kitchen.



Starship Enterprise replica


This excellent Enterprise replica was designed by user Neophyte, and is available on Thingiverse. Once it is printed and painted, start some new adventures with your very own Starship (or sit it on a shelf somewhere, whatever floats your boat).

Starfleet Phaser


Head on over to My Mini Factory, where user Tadeas Hollan has uploaded this wicked phaser design based off the previous J.J. Abrams film designs. With a rotating barrel to set to either stun or kill, this print is pretty darn cool.



Warp Core table lamp

Designed to be printed in modular pieces without support, you can make your very own warp core as tall as you want! Another design by ThePlanetMike, this guy really loves Star Trek. He has also designed badges and even Picard’s chair (which can be printed to any scale, just saying), so be sure to check them out too.


Geordi Laforge’s visor replica

Worn by Levar Burton on Star Trek: The Next Generation, this 3D printed replica visor by DrewSmith007 is sure to impress.