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3D Printable Construction Set Ingocraft Launches on Kickstarter

The educational construction set includes a variety of versatile building pieces that can be combined in endless configurations. The Kickstarter will help bring the first Ingocraft building kit to market, as well as a kid friendly 3D modelling app that allows users to plan out builds using a selection of pre-set Ingocraft parts.

ingocraft builds 3d printing

Ingocraft is sort of a 3D printable marriage between Lego and an Erector Set, where kids and adults can use a variety of large plastic bolts, bars, wheels and connectors to construct just about anything an imagination can think up. Ingocraft was designed by a group of makers and educators who believe that they have successfully updated the classic construction sets that they grew up with.

The Kickstarter will also fund the creation of the Ingocraft 3D modelling app, which teaches the basics of designing in 3D space and then walks users through a series of design challenges. Kit 1 includes enough parts for the first three levels of the app. There is also a free play mode that allows users to create your own projects, access other users projects and even remix them to suit you.  The app will be available on iTunes for the iPhone and iPad, and it is a safe bet that it will soon be made available for Android phones.

ingocraft new 3d printing
A selection of new parts for the planned expansion packs

The Ingocraft parts called “Ingos” are designed to be completely customizable and 3D printable. If you have a 3D printer at home then you can create and print your own Ingos that are compatible with your original kit. Once the app launches they will create an online gallery of new 3D printable Ingos. The Ingocraft team has an entire new set of parts ready to go once the first set launches, including gears, hinges, propellers and even belts made from flexible filaments.

Here is the Ingocraft Kickstarter video:

ingocraft kit included 3d printing

The Inocraft Kickstarter is only asking for $15,000, and considering the type of product I really don’t see it being a problem to meet that goal. Each kit includes a selection of build plates, log bars, short bars, nuts, bolts, wheels and cubes. Earlybird backers can get a single Ingocraft kit and access to the Ingocraft app for only $25, once the first fifty are gone the kit will go up to $35.

Additionally, if you back the campaign for $90 you will get an Ingocraft Membership, which means that you will be sent four expansion packs throughout 2015. The expansion packs will include up to twenty new Ingos and variety of completely new parts.

ingocraft kit included 3d printing

Because Ingos have obvious educational value – especially in STEM education – they are also offering some pretty great classroom kits. A pledge of $600 will get schools 25 kits and access to the app for 25 devices, while $1,500 gets you all of that plus 25 of the 2015 expansion packs.