3D Printing

New York University Is Now Offering a Course on 3D Printing

New York University is now offering a class in the fine art of 3D printing, giving Gallatin students a run for their money in the most insipid course department. The intensive session runs for three weeks six hours a day, and hopes to enlighten the public about all of the creative ideas that can be brought to fruition with the magic of 3D printing.

The description reads:

Rapid Prototyping is a certificate geared to familiarize students with digital tools and techniques relevant to the task of visualizing and prototyping 3D designs. Focusing on products and sculpture as the primary area of application, students will be taken through a series of hands-on class exercises supported with specialized video tutorials in order to become comfortable with the process of realizing their designs digitally.

Google Map Image New YorkStudents will work with Maxon Cinema 4D and Pixelogic ZBrush with an introduction to Autodesk Mudbox. The final result of the selected coursework will be the creation of a professional 3D product visualization and a physical prototype model of the students’ design created with a 3D printer. Rapid prototyping prints will carry an additional fee that will be presented to each student before any printing is finalized.

Upon completion of the certificate program, students have an understanding of:

  • Taking a concept and executing it into a successful 3D model using tools such as Cinema 4D Mudbox, and ZBrush software
  • How to utilize polygonal geometry efficiently in order to realize design ideas
  • The function of polygon box modeling and digital sculpting techniques
  • The physical limitations of rapid prototyping and its impact on the design process

How to adapt digital tools and techniques with the purposes of exploring 3D designs in 3D printed form