3D Printing

Deloitte and 3D Systems Align to Accelerate Adoption and Implementation of Advanced Design and Manufacturing Solutions

In a joint announcement Deloitte (a leading consulting firm) and 3D Systems (a leading 3D printing firm) have revealed an alliance that will support companies and industries looking to adopt and integrate 3D printing design and manufacturing systems and solutions into their business. The alliance believes that this is the first-of-its-kind, multi-year partnership — and will certainly open up some new sales channels for 3DS, one assumes. The plan is to combine 3D System’s leading products and solutions with Deloitte’s leading strategy, technology, and industry-specific consulting services to develop a platform for learning, experimentation, adoption and business transformation powered by 3D printing solutions and capabilities.

Sounds expensive to me! But, for any companies that do go down this route, and I get why you would, also make sure you talk to other users — it’s the best insight you’ll get.

As a component of this alliance, Deloitte and 3D Systems will jointly launch and operate a series of solution centers or “labs” in various locations where mutual clients will get exposure to an integrated “future of design and manufacturing” set of required capabilities; from hardware and software to change management, process reengineering, talent and organization, technology integration, legacy retirement, and innovation adoption.  These physical environments will be education and design centers, facilitating corporate executive teams in formulating their strategies and short and long term roadmaps for capitalizing on a new era of innovation as it pertains to 3D printing solutions and related innovations.

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