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Zortrax' Pro 3D Printer Going Well on Kickstarter

The new, and sturdy looking, Zortrax M200 professional desktop 3D printer by Zortrax currently has 64 backers on Kickstarter with USD$92,048 pledged of a USD$100,000 goal, with some 22 days still to go before the crowd-funding campaign ends. Seemingly heading to success. In a massively over-saturated home 3D printer market this printer does have the makings of an individual approach, something the backers have obviously spotter: most of the aspects of the hardware and software are fairly unique to this product.

Zortrax presents a somewhat thorough presentation of the features and benefits of this 3D printer, indeed, I felt like I was viewing an instruction manual. This can only be a good thing, given the investment of up to USD$5899 that pledgers may make.

Cutting through this information to the core, the build area outputs at up to a sound 8,07″ x 8,07″ x 7,5″ (205 x 205 x 190 mm), which equates to a maximum 488 cubic inches (7984 mm3) – not as big as some contemporaries, but sufficient for many a worthwhile prototyping task.

The nozzle diameter stands at 0.015″ (0.4mm) and gives a layer output resolution of some 100, 150, 200 or 300 microns.

The Kickstarter campaign also lays claim to:

  • Built-in slicing engine automatically fixes the majority of possible errors that can occur in .stl models
  • You can set the layer thickness to a variety of options: 0.1mm, 0.14mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm
  • The engine created focuses on maintaining the geometry of your model as close as possible to your project
  • Three different printing speed modes
  • Automatic support generation, so you can print those really complicated models
  • No USB connection is required – just use the included SD card reader!
  • Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, including virtual machines!

The range of pledges is more than double the following highlights, but Zortrax have kindly popped a nice simplified visual for each on their kickstarter for the those who do not have the time to indulge on their very informative page:

Zortrax 1

Zortrax 2

Zortrax 3