LAYBRICK – A New Filament From the Creator of LAYWOO-D3

LAYBRICK Filament print LAYBRICK is a new rough filament from inventor Kai Parthy from CC Products, the same man who brought the name of the wood-like LAYWOO-D3 to everyone’s lips last year. LAYBRICK has many of the same qualities as LAYWOO-D3, most importantly the close to zero warp. However, unlike its cousin, LAYBRICK is specifically intended to be used with maxi-sized 3D printers, for larger applications including architectural modelling and landscaping purposes. Another key difference is related to the outcome, as instead of a wooden result, the 3DP objects created with LAYBRICK resemble sandstone (in the roughest setting) and promise a “no plastic feeling”.

LAYRBRICK comes in 3 mm diameter size, and when printing within a 165°C – 190°C temperature range, produces a smoother finish, while higher temperatures, above 210°C, produce the rougher, sandstone-ish result. Also similar to LAYWOO-D3, LAYBRICK doesn’t require a heated printing bed either. To see what using this material in real life looks like, watch the short video below.

The material is still in its beta phase, but should already be solid enough that architects, for example, who’ve been bitten by the 3D printing bug, can successfully experiment with it. The price at this stage is €17 for 250g ($22/8.8oz) + s&h.

Source: eBay