3D Printing

Zortrax's Store Opening Hypnotizes with Piloci's 3D Printed Wall of Light and Sound

Zotrax has become one of Poland’s most notable desktop 3D printer manufacturers, receiving an order from Dell for 5,000 M200 3D printers.  The company has now brought its 3D printer store in the physical world with a brick-and-mortar location in Krakow.  To celebrate the opening, the company, working with Piloci Studio Co., created an impressive 3D printed installation that almost hypnotizes you into buying one of their printers.

3D-printed-wall-for-zortraxMappingwall is an intense and interactive LED light sculpture that acts as a physical music visualizer.  Made from 332 pyramids 3D printed with transparent filament fixed to a square steel frame, 160cm (63in.) on a side, the wall is connected to LED lights and, thanks to video mapping technology, pulsates elaborate light animations in response to music.

According to the companies, Piloci originated the concept over a year ago, but lacked the technology to make it happen.  It wasn’t until getting their hands on Zortrax’s M200 3D printer that they were able to apply their mapping technique properly to create the installation demonstrated in the video below:

Zortrax says that this isn’t the last collaboration the two will have, so look forward to even more amazing 3D printed projects in the future! For more on the grand opening of the Krakow store last month, watch the following video: