3D Printing

Zerg Overmind Captures Artist's Mind to 3D Print the Zerg Queen

Star Craft fans, rejoice! The Zerg Queen of your dreams is here for your 3D printing delight. Thanks to Francesco Orrù, the MyMiniFactory designer behind last week’s H.P. Lovecraft guitar, you can now download Blizzard’s Sarah Kerrigan to 3D print at home. She was designed by Orrù in Zbrush, with the artist crafting a Zsphere to gradually create the model’s main shapes.  He Zremeshed the TPose Master for the original Blizzard statue to obtain Kerrigan’s pose.

francesco orru's 3D printed zerg queen sculpture

Then, the model was broken up into four parts, in order to maintain the print’s integrity by reducing the number of support structures needed.  Printed on a Dremel Idea Builder and MakerBot Replicator 2 at layer heights of .2mm, Orrù attached the pieces with superglue and painted it black and silver.

3D printed zerg queen francesco orru's kerrigan

How does Orrù’s Queen of Blades compare to the real deal? Does she capture your mind? If so, you can print your own from MyMiniFactory. If not, the artist has plenty more to choose from, including a whole bunch from other Blizzard games, including Diablo 3, World of Warcraft 3, and more.