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Xact Metal releases sub-$100k and high precision metal 3D printers

Metal 3D printer manufacturing startup Xact Metal has released two new powder-bed fusion based (PBF) systems: the XM200S and the XM200C.

“The XM200S,” according to company CEO Juan Mario Gomez, “is ideal for printing of small parts where high performance applications and print speed are critical.” The XM200C, on the other hand, “makes metal powder-bed fusion available for universities, labs and smallto-medium businesses who need prototyping, casting, tooling and printing of small parts, and who could not afford these systems in the past.”

Both systems are updates of the original XM200 system, previewed by 3D Printing Industry at RAPID + TCT 2017, and aim to serve aerospace, defense, automotive and healthcare industries.

The original XM200. Photo via Xact Metal
The original XM200. Photo via Xact Metal

Low-cost PBF

Xact Metal PBF technology is built on a patent-pending Xact Core™ system. A simplified laser-direction system, Xact Core™ delivers cost savings to the customer in the overall price of the system.

“Making metal powder-bed fusion less expensive requires innovation,” explains Xact Metal CTO Matt Woods. The Xact Core™ system delivers these savings as “a high-speed gantry system platform that uses light, simple mirrors to move quickly and consistently above the powder bed on an X-Y axis,”

“In addition,” explains Woods, “the Xact Core technology avoids the use of complex rotating galvanometer mirrors and F-theta lenses, maintains a constant laser angle across the whole build plate, and provides a simplified gas flow over the powder bed.”

Both new systems from Xact Metal have this technology at the core.

PBF for SMEs

The smaller (and cheaper) of the two systems, the XM200C has a build volume of 2048 cc³ (127 x 127 x 125 mm), and occupies 610 x 610 x 1,295 mm³ (W x D x H) of space.

The small footprint and competitive price tag ($80,000 for metal 3D printing) makes the XM200C Xact Metal’s solution for researchers and SMEs.

Current powder options for the system include marine grade 316L stainless steel, super alloys like Inconel 718, cobalt chrome and bronze. It also designed in a open architecture, enabling researchers to develop and implement their own materials and 3D printing parameters.

A look inside Xact Metal 3D printers. Photo via Xact Metal
A look inside Xact Metal 3D printers. Photo via Xact Metal

High-caliber metal 3D printing

The XM200S is Xact’s first high-caliber 3D metal printer, with additional features for the assured quality its products.

According to Woods, “Precision digital optical systems” in the XM200S “provide active thermal drift compensation” eliminating downtime caused by machine warm-up and minimizing “longterm drift during printing operations.”

A patent-pending, bulb-shaped recoater improves the way powder is spread and compacted in the build chamber. And, “24-bit command resolution gives industry leading
positional accuracy.”

The XM200S’ build volume matches that in the XM200C (127x127x125 mm), and it is priced at $130,000.

Coming soon

Xact Metal is now accepting orders for the XM200C and the XM200S systems. Shipments of the 200C will start June 2018, and the 200S will begin September 2018.

The company will also be displaying the new systems at RAPID + TCT 2018, April 23 – 26.

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Featured image shows the Xact Metal XM200 system. Photo via Xact Metal