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China Gets its First 3D Printing College

The Baiyun-Winbo 3D Printing Technology College has officially opened its doors in theBaiyun district of the city of Guangzhou and began accepting its first students. While I don’t consider the school a proper college,what with having a faculty consisting of a single teacher and a single engineer and having its classrooms located inside of a different college, but it is a first for China.

baiyun winbo 3d printing tech

The school is a collaboration between Guangzhou Baiyun Technician College of Business and Technology and one of China’s largest 3D printer manufacturers,Winbo Industries, who donated twenty new 3D printers for the first set of students. Students and faculty will have access to five different high tech 3D printing-related facilities. There will be a fully stocked design center, a 3D printing center, a training space, study rooms, and a 3D printed product display center.

“3D printing technology has become the most popular emerging industry,” a school spokesman explained to the Chinese media. “Although China has been slower to pick up 3D printing technology than foreign countries, we have a bigger space here for the long-term development. At the same time, we believe it is important to cultivate and support our future 3D printing professionals from a young age. This way, our students can experience the forefront of science and technology, experience the charm of science and technology and train their practical skills for exploring culture exploration and innovation.”

winbo 3d printer
No, I don’t know why Obama’s face is on this 3D printer.

The college facilities are currently being housed within the Guangzhou Baiyun Technician College and according to Winbo Industries has been under development since March of 2014. While new students will have access to just twelve different models of 3D printers, that number will grow as Winbo provides newer machines as they become available and students start designing and building their own. The hope is that the school will develop the country’s new 3D printing standards and an industry certification system.