3D Scanners

Willaston Physio & Sports Rehab unveils new 3D foot scanner

Dedicated to quality assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, the Willaston Physio and Rehab organization has introduced an innovative new tool that will lead to more accurate and in-depth analysis of orthotic ailment. Watch the quick video below to learn about Willaston Physio’s Dynamic 3D Foot Scanner and continue reading to find out more.

Better diagnosis = better treatment

Using industry-leading technology, this tool is designed to record a full assessment and analysis package, which will allow for more in-depth and personalized diagnoses. From this package, patients will be afforded customized orthotic insoles that will effectively treat and correct a wide range of afflictions. The data from the scan will ultimately show:

  • Abnormalities and asymmetries in feet
  • Areas of high pressure within the foot associated with pain in the hips and knees
  • Previously unseen data the eye can’t see using 1000 frames/second



A new range of possibilities

The Dynamic 3D Foot Scanner also has the ability to monitor progress and improvements in treatment over time. With the bespoke orthotics provided by this new technology, doctors and physiologists will potentially see the possible prevention of hip and knee surgeries, increased correction of hip, knee and lumbar spine posture, increased joint pain reduction, and overall normalization of gait in patients.

According to the Willaston Physio website, the full scanning package includes:

  • 60 minute assessment
  • Custom-made orthotics
  • Orthotic fitting appointment
  • 6 week review appointment
  • Instant reports