3DP Applications

Weta Workshop – Bringing 3D Printing into Movies

Have you ever wondered how some those swords, spears and other props you see in Lord of the Rings and the soon to premiere Hobbit are made? Cutting edge 3D printing technology and some savvy Kiwi engineering skills, as it turns out — from Weta Workshop .

3D Printers have opened up new opportunities for the movie industry in terms of creating props for movies, with the ability to create almost any shaped object. The technology is bringing a new freedom for creative minds to bring to life their ideas.

Weta Workshop is one of the pioneers in this field and 3D printing is a primary tool. In terms of scale, Weta has developed a proprietary 3D printer to increase the scale of what they can do with a system that is capable of producing parts up to the size of a car.