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Holidays are coming … Materialise Announces the Winners of its 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments Challenge

Materialise is a company that continues to innovate and promote the wonderful things that 3D printing can do right now. Developing enabling software and inspirational applications as well as providing a broad scope of 3D printing services, Materialise is also well placed to identify some of the brilliant new designers that are embracing 3D printing.

The latest challenge laid before the company’s design community was for 3D printed ornaments — the winners of which were selected by an open vote on Facebook.

Here 3DPI highlights the three winning entries, which were announced recently:

Luigi Vaghi took first place with X-Mas ball, a simple Christmas ball with holes and a sphere full of ‘like’ buttons. This was one of four entries from Luigi who has, according to Materialise, fallen for 3D printing in a big way.

1st x-mas_ball

In second place was ‘Leaves’ by Jolien Rasschaert. This was easily the most complicated design — full of moving parts and inspired, as the name suggests, by leaves and autumnal colours.

2nd Leafs

Third place went to Felix Gfeller for his heartwarming design  — a small wintertale designed on a Christmas garland.

3rd spirale_concours_web_imaterialise_ok

Congratulations to all of the winners – the designs are available on the imaterialise website now.