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Wally Wall Plate Customiser

Anyone redecorating or remodeling their home should have a look at Thingiverse’s offering for 3D printed wall plates. At first glance it may seem like a rather insignificant item for your to do list, however, in terms of usability and practicality, it is a fully customizable must-have for any 3D printing enthusiast. “TheNewHobbyist” at Thingiverse has created — and shared — the Wally wall plate, which is an OpenSCAD model that allows you to choose from 18 types of connectors and outlet styles that can be downloaded immediately and 3D printed.

Wally wall plate article imageWith a number of plate sizes available, from 1 to 5“ wide, which are based on standard electrical box sizes and matching the screw holes for anyone replacing old ones. The list of available plugs includes anything from HDMI ports to stereo headphone jacks  — the full list can be viewed at “TheNewHobbyist” page.

With the exception of few outlets that take the entire plate, all of the other plug types are modular and can be placed on the top or bottom or centered on a generated wall plate. All of the ports, excluding the outlets and keystone jacks, are designed to accommodate DataPro.net’s panel-mount cables.

To make sure we are fully convinced about the custom options available for the Wally wall plate, a friend of TheNewHobbyist has made a calculation to see how many permutations are available for this object. The result is formidable to say the least — with 850,789,801,599 different variations possible — a large enough number to say that you are likely to be able to make one that matches your needs.

There are already several fans for this item, to get the instructions and download the Wally wall plates, please check out the Thingivere page here.

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