3D Printing

Virtual Reality and President Trump a topical round-up of 3D printable designs.

Looking for a 3D printing project for the weekend? 3DPI have put together a selection of 3D printable files, if you find something you like why not let us know in the comments.

Donald Trump

Get behind the new President of the United States with this Donald Trump Mug from Ed Hanlon.

Edhanlon's Donald Trump coffee mug
Edhanlon’s Donald Trump coffee mug

Or perhaps do the opposite and mourn the death of America with this Tombstone design.

Kbpiper01’s tombstone design.


Print your own pencil case, in the shape of your own pencil, with this Pencil pencil case.

Francfalco is the genius behind this pencil case.


Show your support for Movember, aka No Shave November, while also keeping your facial hair under control with this Moustache comb.

Movember Mustache Comb
Movember Mustache Comb courtesy of MakePrintable


With Virtual Reality set to become even more popular in the lead-up to Christmas, with Google launching their Daydream for example, you can 3D print your own VR devices with these designs.

TanyaAkinora's Vr device.
TanyaAkinora’s VR device.


PrintThatThing's Conception of a 360 degree viewer.
PrintThatThing’s Conception of a 360 degree viewer.


3D Print N Pack's take on VR.
3D Print N Pack’s take on VR.

Find TanyaAkinora’s VR device here, PrintThatThing’s viewer here and 3D Print N Pack’s here.