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UBOT P440 3D printer technical specifications, pricing and insights from COO

High-performance thermoplastic materials such as PEEK, PEI, and PETG are accelerating the use of industrial 3D printing allowing the creation of functional parts for rapid prototyping, tooling, final part production, and customization.

However, such materials are beyond the reach of many FFF/FDM 3D printers due to the higher temperatures required.

UBOT 3D, a Polish 3D printer manufacturer, has launched a high-temperature industrial-grade 3D printer, the UBOT P440, capable of processing high-performance materials.

The Ubot P440 3D printer. Photo via Ubot 3D.
The Ubot P440 3D printer. Photo via Ubot 3D.

The UBOT P440 U&ME technology

Established in 2015, the UBOT 3D team is composed of scientists and young engineers collaborating to develop new technologies, such as easy-to-use 3D printers.

For the user’s convenience, the UBOT P440 features U&ME Communication – a messaging software that allows direct access for technical support, as well as a marketplace through its Touch Panel level.

“You do not have to go to the computer to look for material, store, fill out the form and waste unnecessary time,” Michał Melon, Chief Operating Officer at UBOT 3D, tells 3D Printing Industry.

“From the touch screen of the printer after clicking on what you need, you get a call to confirm the order and that’s everything. The next day, you can enjoy the shipment,” Michał Melon, Chief Operating Officer at UBOT 3D told 3D Printing Industry.

Furthermore, the U&ME technology enables filament weight control. Through an encoder, the UBOT P440 is able to detect the ending material, as well as filament problems such as jams or nozzle clogs. This function keeps the 3D printer operating without interruption while waiting for new material.

The user is then informed on how much filament is remaining through an email, or smartphone application notification. Melon adds:

“The P440’s target user is an industrial customer, whom need reliable machine with lots of function that make your printer more efficient and save your time. We[‘re] also trying to make our P440 compatible with Industry 4.0.”

The Ubot P440 Touch Panel. Photo via Ubot 3D.
The UBOT P440 Touch Panel. Photo via UBOT 3D.

The 1500W heating chamber

With a build volume of 440 x 330 x 300 mm the UBOT P440 enables the production of large-size models from a wide range of materials. Nonetheless, its defining quality derives from its 1500W heated chamber which generates and distributes temperatures of up to 80°C, allowing it to process high-performance thermoplastics.

The UBOT P440 also includes an independent air circulation system which is designed to deter undesirable temperature fluctuations. This system ensures air-cleanliness through a four-stage chamber filter.

The Ubot P440 heating chamber. Photo via Ubot 3D.
The UBOT P440 heating chamber. Photo via UBOT 3D.

The Ubot P440 print bed

The Ubot P440 print bed consists of three layers. The first includes a large base made of steel with a thickness of 6 mm. The second layer consists of a heated plate made of solid aluminum alloy, used to maintain a stable temperature on the entire surface of the working area.

Finally, the thread layer is composed of elastic and special steel. This third layer is also covered with an adhesive coating to prevent deformation within the printing process.

The entire print bed structure is fastened by magnets allowing for easier removal of models after the finished 3D printing. In addition, the maximum temperature of the print bed is 150°C.

The Ubot P440 print bed. Photo via Ubot 3D.

Technical specifications & pricing

Printing technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Build volume 440 × 330 × 300 mm
Weight 160 kg
Printing nozzles 1
Nozzle diameter 0.1/1.2 mm
Layer Resolution 20 microns
Hotend temperature (max) 400°C
Print bed temperature (max) 150°C
Material flow control system Yes
Filament sensor Yes
User Software U&ME Communication

he retail price is for the UBOT P440 is €12,999 (approx. $15,217). This price includes the basic package of materials and a two-year warranty. According to Melon, the bottom of the printer will include a dryer chamber for filaments and an additional space for accessories. The price of this set will be €15,999 (approx. $18,729).

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Featured image shows the UBOT P440 3D printer. Photo via UBOT 3D.