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T&R Biofab and SCM Life Science partner to 3D print regenerative tissue

Korean biotechnology companies T&R Biofab and SCM Life Science are to collaborate on the R&D of new 3D printed tissue regenerative products. The two companies will focus on marketable cell patch products and new formulations for cell therapy.

“We are pleased to cooperate with T&R Biofab, a leader in 3D bioprinting technology, to develop new formulations of regenerative medicine with stem cells,” said SCM Life Science CEO Rhee Byung-gun. “With this opportunity, we hope to be able to enter the global market.”

Developing 3D printed regenerative tissue products

For over six years T&R Biofab has manufactured 3D printed medical transplantation and tissue regenerative devices for use in orthopedics, plastic surgery, and dentistry. Its 3D bioprinters were developed and manufactured using the company’s own technology, and can 3D print various biomaterials, including deCelluid™ (hydrogel tissue-derived bioink), synthetic and biodegradable polymers, and ceramics.

In April 2019 T&R Biofab registered a patent for its 3D bioprinting technology to create artificial skin. The technology operates through the 3D printing of dermal (inner layers of skin) and epidermal (outer layers of skin) cells that uses a porous 3D structure to form skin with similar characteristics to actual tissue.

3D printing mesenchymal stem cells

The new partnership will combine T&R Biofab’s printing platform with SCM Life Science’s high-purity mesenchymal stem cell technology.  

Mesenchymal stem cells, or adult stem cells, can transform into a variety of cell types, including bone cells, cartilage cells, muscle cells and fat cells. SCM’s collaboration with T&R  plans to use these stem cells to create regenerative tissue and treat immunological conditions.

T&R Biofab will also gain access to bio-ink material suitable for tissue fabrication, good manufacturing practice (GMP)-based cell production system and good laboratory practice (GLP)-based safety evaluation system.

T&R Biofab CEO Yun Won-soo said, “The company expects that it will be able to accelerate the launch of 3D bioprinting cell therapy products through cooperation with SCM Life Science, which has unique mesenchymal stem cell technology and GMP production facilities.”

A 3D printed custom scaffold, printed using T&R Biofab’s bioprinter. Photo via T&R Biofab.

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Featured image shows a prototype organ 3D printed using T&R Biofab’s bioprinter. Photo via T&R Biofab.