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Titan Robotics debuts dual-extrusion pellet 3D printer in Detroit

Colorado headquartered 3D printer manufacturer and service provider Titan Robotics will launch the new Atlas-H 3D printer on the first day of RAPID + TCT 2019. Using pelletized extrusion technology, the Atlas-H is a dual extrusion system designed for high speed, low cost, 3D printing in production. Its introduction also marks a year since the company first demonstrated its Pellet Extrusion technology at RAPID + TCT 2018 – 3D printing the hexagonal fascias for the show’s main stage.

“Titan has been a pioneer in the development and implementation of pellet extrusion technology in the additive manufacturing industry,” comments Clay Guillory, Titan Robotics CEO.

“Our Atlas-H product launch aligns with Titan’s mission to develop innovative solutions and technologies to bring additive manufacturing into industrial production.”

Purpose-built pellet extrusion 

The basis of Titan Robotics’ business is to provide purpose-built 3D printers for the factory floor. All of its machines use material extrusion technology. By utilizing pelletized feedstock too, the company is seeking to drive down costs associated with consumables. Compared to 3D printer filament, granular feedstocks are up to 10 times cheaper.

Titan’s flagship system is the large-scale Atlas 3D printer, available in three different sizes up to 1066 mm x 1066 mm x 1219 mm (The Atlas 2.5). The company also previously built the 5 print-head Cronus 3D printer, integrated with Autodesk Project Escher technology.

Pelletized feedstock for Titan Robotics' 3D printers. Photo via Titan Robotics
Pelletized feedstock for Titan Robotics’ 3D printers. Photo via Titan Robotics

The Titan Robotics Atlas-H

The new Atlas-H line of 3D printers is Titan’s upgrade to the original Atlas system. The first machine in this series is built to match the maximum build volume of its predecessor at 1066 mm x 1066 mm x 1219 mm, it also features a heated enclosure allowing the use of high performance polymers such as PEKK, PP and glass/carbon fiber composites.

Completely new in the Atlas-H is the dual extrusion print head, and a high-speed motion control system. Utilizing industrial controllers and servo drivers on all axes, the gantry is capable of 3D printing with precision at speeds of up to 30,000mm/minute (also facilitated by screw extrusion.)

“At Titan Robotics, we value innovation that addresses our customers’ needs as we
continue to push boundaries for extrusion-based 3D printers,” comments Bill Macy, Titan’s CTO.

“With a second pellet extruder on Titan’s Atlas-H, our customers can deposit multiple model materials within a single part or model and support materials so that parts with complex features can be more readily realized.”

Live demonstrations of the new Titan Robotics Atlas-H and the flagship Atlas 2.5 system are available at booth #527 at RAPID + TCT 2019.

Inside the build chamber of the new Atlas-H. Photo via Titan Robotics
Inside the build chamber of the new Atlas-H. Photo via Titan Robotics

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Featured image shows dual Pellet Extrusion in the Atlas-H line. Photo via Titan Robotics.