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Tethon 3D debuts its first DLP 3D printer, the Bison 1000, at RAPID + TCT

Tethon 3D, a Nebraska-based 3D printing materials manufacturer, has released its first desktop digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer in time for RAPID + TCT 2019 in Detroit this week.

The Bison 1000 is designed for material development and is optimized for use with Tethon 3D’s ceramic and metal materials. Trent Allen, President at Tethon 3D, said:

“We’ve designed this printer & software for users like us – material scientists. We believe it’s necessary for our users to have the freedom of adjusting settings & using their own powders if they wish.”

The Bison 1000 3D printer. Image via Tethon 3D.
The Bison 1000 3D printer. Image via Tethon 3D.

The Bison 1000

Tethon 3D has over eight years of experience developing materials for ceramic 3D printing; this includes its Castalite Investment Casting resin and Porcelite. According to the company, such materials can be used in various industries such as fine art, metal casting, and biomedical research.

In August 2018, Tethon 3D received a grant from the University of Nebraska, to develop a multi-material DLP 3D printer which has lead to the development of the Bison 1000. This desktop system features a build volume of 110 x 60 x 130mm and a pixel size 57µm. A heated vat, with controllable heat temperatures, is also integrated into the Bison 1000 to reduce resin viscosity and aid higher loaded materials for improved part quality and strength.

Furthermore, the Bison 1000 has a camera & app which allows for remote monitoring. Allen added, “Tethon 3D’s Genesis resin has been used as a base resin for hundreds of different ceramic & metal powders (SiC, Zirconia, Copper, Graphene, Ceramic matrix composites). Internally the Bison 1000 has helped us develop new resins. We have plans to consistently add more ceramics & metals to our off the shelf portfolio.

Ceramic material 3D print. Photo via Tethon 3D
Tethon3D ceramic resin 3D print. Photo via Tethon 3D

Technical specifications 

Technical Specifications
Printing Technology DLP
Build Size 110 x 60 x 130mm
Pixel Size 57µm
Layer Thickness 25, 50, 100
UV Engine 405nm
Resolution (FHD) 1920 x 1018
File Format .STL/.OBJ/.AMF

The price of the Bison 100 is yet to be disclosed, however, visitors of RAPID + TCT can see the Bison 1000 3D printer at booth 1157. This new system is set to begin shipping in Q3 of 2019. 

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Featured image shows 3D printed aerodynamic brick (using Tethon3D resin) designed by Virginia San Fratello and Ronald Rael of Emerging Objects. Photo via Tethon 3D.