Thunderbirds Celebrate 50th Anniversary with 3D Printed Merch on Launzer.com

Finnish 3D printables marketplace Launzer.com announced at the end of last year that they had taken on a partnership with two major companies that would bring a number of big brands to their licensed merchandising platform.  With Warner Bros. Consumer Products, the site already launched a line of 3D printed Batman figurines, with many more DC and Warner Bros. characters to come.  Today sees Launzer.com’s deal with ITV Ventures kick off with official merchandise celebrating the 50th Year Anniversary Celebration of The Thunderbirds TV series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

Thunderbirds 3D printable merch on Launzer.com

It’s hard to deny the influence of The Thunderbirds, whose unique marionette-style presentation has left a distinct nostalgia since the show’s inception in 1965, culminating in the more modern parody Team America: World Police. Now, on Launzer.com, customers in the UK and Ireland can buy a wide range of 3D printed figurines from the classic sixties TV show.  Launzer is selling full-color and paintable nylon prints of the whole Thunderbirds crew, including Scott, Alan and Virgil Tracy, The Hood and Aloysius “Noisy” Parker. Almost more impressive than the printable cast are the ships, with Thunderbirds 1 – 4 available for purchase as well.

Thunderbirds 3D printable characters on Launzer.com

Kari Voutila, CEO & Founder of Launzer.com and its parent company 3D Online Factory, says of the launch, “Thunderbirds is a very personal thing to me. It was the coolest series in telly back in my childhood in 60’s and I always admired the technology they had in their space ships and vessels.” She adds, “I’m truly proud that the Launzer team has the privilege to bring the fabulous Thunderbirds first in 3D Printing. It is a great addition to Launzer’s portfolio and a remarkable milestone for us on our road map to be one of the leading marketplaces for branded and 3D Printed merchandise.”

Thunderbirds 3D printable ships on Launzer.com

As the official anniversary approaches on September 30th, Launzer will continue to release more merch for the classic show, including exclusive and limited editions. Meanwhile, the company will continue releasing DC comic characters, as well.  In addition to Batman, you can already purchase Green Arrow on the Finnish site.  So keep an eye on Launzer.com for new releases.