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This Just In: A 3D-Printed Sticky Note Holder!

Last month, we covered a Michigan Tech study which concluded that 3D printing common household items could save consumers between $300 and $2,000 a year.  Well, user corben33 has designed an object fit to be added to the repertoire of items that might save you a buck or two: a 3D-printed sticky note holder. As applications go, we get that this is not earth shattering. But here at 3DPI we do like to illustrate that 3D printing is not all about the high exposure applications, it is also about the simple, everyday 3D printed items that are useful. The personal projects that just fit into people’s individual lives and make them a little, tiny bit better maybe even bring a smile. So, in this case, we’re showing a sticky note holder that fits a standard Post-It sized notepad and has slots for those arrow-shaped page markers, as well, making it the perfect companion for any budding, young PhD student. corben33’s even included the item’s Inventor file, so that you can edit the text to say something more personal, like “Mike’s Stickies” or “Mike’s Notes” or “Mike’s a Giant Nerd Who Likes to Organize His Sticky Notes”.

3D Printed Sticky Note Holder

As Thingiverse continues to develop and grow, some of the items that do fulfill Michigan Tech’s declaration that “the RepRap is an economically attractive investment for the average U.S. household already” are those in the Office Items category, which also includes such useful items as rulers, letter openers, coasters, and, even, pencil holders shaped like your favorite Star Wars characters.

Source: Thingiverse