TAZmaniacs Rewarded by Aleph Objects’ Growth

Last week, we covered the astounding success of the LulzBot TAZ 2 3D Printer from Aleph Objects on Fundable.  After reaching their funding goal by 250%, selling out their first shot discounts on the new printer model, the cash is continuing to pile up.  At the time of this writing, they’re up to $269,714 with 2 weeks left in their campaign.  So, the LulzBot team has initiated a couple of stretch goals to reward backers.

LulzBot 3D PrinterCurrently, one can contribute by buying stickers, t-shirts or 3D-printed octopi, but I’m assuming that most of the money is coming from the purchasing of the (almost) 12 in3 3D printer with LCD screen and SD card reader for $2,395.  And, until the end of the month, you can buy the TAZ 2 and push the campaign over $300,000, at which point, stretch goal #1 kicks in.  With this first stretch goal, all TAZ 2 orders will receive 5 sheets of PET free of charge.  If the Fundable makes it past $500,000, all TAZ 2 orders will also receive 1 kg of filament, also free of charge.  This offer only extends to the backers who purchased the 3D printer. So, all of you octopi and sticker purchasers, you’re out of luck!

The well-funded campaign is all part of Aleph Objects’ growth overall. In addition to the TAZ 2, they’re also seeking $1,500,000 from investors and are in the process of moving to a bigger location in Northern Colorado. The new headquarters, a 17,000 square foot building with factory floor layout and reception area, will give the company plenty of room to assemble their laser cut and injection moulded parts – many of which will be made by local Colorado vendors – for their new series of printers. To perform all of that labour, they plan on hiring about 10 to 15 new employees by the end of the year and up to 40 in 2014. This will help them continue booming from the 400% growth they made this year, with distribution centres in the UK and Canada.  With all of that news, a little free filament here and there is probably no skin off of their back.