Superlab opens in New York

A new 3D printing ‘Superlab’ has opened at The State University of New York at New Paltz and will focus on students and the Hudson Valley business community. It is one of the most advanced 3D printing facilities in the country and is set to make waves.

The Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center (HVAMC) will provide expert advice on the printing process, as well as supporting local businesses who want to integrate 3D printing into their workflow. It will also help the university provide specialist education in additive manufacturing and, with a skills shortage on the horizon, it could make the school much more attractive to new students.

It has SMART lab status

The lab has already received Stratasys designation as a SMART lab (Stratasys Makerbot Additive Research & Teaching) and it has superlab status thanks to high-end PolyJet and FDM technology working side-by-side.

“Our designation as a SMART lab is huge step for the HVAMC.” Says Dan Freedman, Dean of the School of Science and Engineering and Director of the HVAMC. “The combination of our unique focus at the interface of art, engineering and science, and the recognition and support by the world’s leading manufacturer of 3D printers, will move us to an unparalleled interdisciplinary educational experience.

“It will help us support regional businesses, and give our faculty the tools and expertise to do cutting-edge scholarship in art, engineering and design.”

Stratasys 3D Printers can be found in the superlab

Superlab, powered by Stratasys

A suite of Stratasys printers are the heartbeat of the lab and they include an industrial-grade Objet260 Connex multi-material 3D printer, a Fortus 400mc Production Printer, two Dimension printers and over 40 MakerBots.

The entire university is welcome to use the lab and will be encouraged to do so. Everyone from engineering and science through to philosophy students and the teachers themselves can learn the fine art of 3D printing and how it can make a difference to their lives.

Of course this is a set-up that most commercial enterprises would love to have and the HVAMC will reach out to the business community. Partnerships with local firms could bring in revenue and help the companies themselves take a massive step forward and find a competitive edge without the need to invest in their own equipment.

Local business will get involved

The Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation played a major part in making this dream into a reality and is determined to work with the university to create a 3D printing center of excellence that the whole community can be a part of. Stratasys, too, is keen to support the initiative.

“We’re continually impressed with the industry partnerships SUNY New Paltz is engaged in. The investment they have made in industrial-grade additive manufacturing equipment in the SMART Lab, combined with its expert staff, is allowing increased access for all,” says Gina Scala, director of global marketing, Stratasys Education “It’s exciting to see economic development for local industry and academic development collide, creating fireworks of innovation and benefit for all.”

Keep an eye on this superlab in New York, we think you’re going to see big concepts, big ideas and big innovations in the Big Apple before too long.