Stratasys announces new Agilus 30 and Digital ABS Plus compatibility for J750 3D printer

Stratasys has announced that its full-color J750 printer is now compatible with its recently released PolyJet materials, Agilus 30 and Digital ABS Plus. The Minnesota-based 3D printing company states that it is expanding the compatibility of its machine to provide “additional functionality and versatility” to prototyping and and custom tooling. 

The flexiblity of Agilus 30 

The Agilus 30 is a Shore 30A printable photopolymer material, currently available in black and translucent liquid. An improvement on predecessors, it features enhanced tear resistance with a tensile strength of 2.4-3.1 mega Pascals and an improved elongation at break of 220-240% of its manufactured length.

Agilus 30 comes in translucent and black. Photo via Youtube/Stratasys.

With its realistic surface texture and ability to bend and flex as required, it is practically useful for electrical, automotive and medical applications. It can also be applied to 
non-slip surfaces and over-molds when combined with other materials such as the Digital ABS Plus.

The resistance of Digital ABS Plus

Another Polyjet Material, Digital ABS Plus is available in green and ivory colors. The material has been enhanced since its introduction, with an enhanced impact resistance of 90-115 Joules/meter and a minimum layer thickness of up to 1.2 milimeters.

ABS Digital Plus used to print smooth mechanical parts. Photo via Youtube/Stratasys.

As well as being combined with Agilus 30, Digital ABS plus can be used in prototyping to support large masses such as vehicles, and be printed into smooth, 
complex parts, accommodating snap fits and metal inserts.

Prototyping solutions to help designers and engineers

Zehavit Reisin, Vice President for the Rapid Prototyping Solutions Business Unit at Stratasys stated that “adding these materials with advanced performance increases the system’s overall versatility” and would be ideal for prototyping. He added that it would enable “designers and engineers to more accurately evaluate the viability of their designs well before production”.

The announcement comes as Stratasys exhibits its machines and new materials at this week’s TCT show.

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Our featured image shows the multicolored and multi-purpose applications of Agilus 30. Photo via Youtube/Stratasys.