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SFMototype: bringing 3Dp and motorcycles together

San Francisco based SF Moto, a motorcycle and scooter dealership, is hosting a unique event in conjunction with You3Dit.com. Starting on the 10th of September, the first-of-its-kind 3D printing event, SFMototype will start, bringing together riding, digital design and fabrication.
The event
SFMototype will let SF Moto patrons, customers and enthusiasts experience the prototyping process from conception to creation of their own motorcycle/scooter accessories using digital design and fabrication facilitated by You3Dit.com. CAD software and 3D printers will be on hand to help bring customers’ ideas into reality. Customers will be able to sketch their design idea, upload a photo of it onto social media and marvel as it is transformed into a 3D file and then into a tangible prototype! Printing will be done with PETG from eSun, PLA++ from Breathe-3DP, and PLA supplied by Cubicity.
The Mototype Experience will deliver a unique opportunity for riding enthusiasts to be able to:
  1. Conceptualize their own motorcycle print or product
  2. Work with digital designers and 3D printers to turn their concept into a prototype, aka mototype.
  3. Learn about the tools and technology enabling affordable and collaborative manufacturing
  4. Enter a Mototype Design Challenge for a chance to enter a prize
SFMototype Image: You3Dit
Image: You3Dit
“The idea came about when the co-founder of You3dit, Chris McCoy, and I were having coffee at Philz in the Castro. We were looking for a way to further 3D printing’s position in manufacturing. We thought that an event that involved motorcycle manufacturers, printer manufacturers, material suppliers and the general public would be a perfect way to showcase 3D printing’s capabilities.” 
-Thomas Campbell, director at SF Moto.
Image: SFMototype
Image: SFMototype
Image: SFMototype
Image: SFMototype
“Chris has a long history with the maker movement and I have been trying to increase my involvement in the industry over the past few years, so we reached out to the friends we had made at Printrbot, Type A Machines, Cubicity, Breathe-3DP, eSun, BuildTak etc. and were greeted with tremendous enthusiasm.” Campbell said.
The event wouldn’t have been possible without a couple of key players.
“Type A Machines came on board early and helped us put together the event–without the use of their printers and the fact that they are putting one up as a incentive to participate in our event, there might not have been an event at all. The same goes for Printrbot, both of these companies were enthusiastic patrons of our event.”
The event will kick off on the 10th of September at the SF Moto store located at 275 8th Street, San Francisco, California. There will also be two live-streamed panel discussions on the 10th of September.
“There will be one on education at 11am-1pm UTC-7, and the second is on 3D printing in the motorcycle manufacturing industry, which begins at 3pm and ends at 5pm. They will be live-streamed on our Facebook page and later posted to SF Moto’s YouTube channel.”
The competition
Prizes will be awarded to concepts, designs and fabrications which really engender the spirit of the event: “anyone should be able to create and build their own motorcycle parts and components…a.k.a. mototypes.”

Winners will be determined by judges based on: Best Sketch, Best Design and Best Fully 3D Printed Prototype.

Prizes include:

  • Kawasaki Z-125
  • Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D printer
  • Printrbot Simple V2 3D printer
  • Motorcycle gear and accessories

The contest ends on the 22nd of October, and all the rules can be found here.

The full list of partners and sponsors is below, without them this awesome event wouldn’t be possible.

About SFMototype

You3Dit and SF Moto, an unlikely match made in heaven. It all began when Thomas Campbell, Operations Director at SF Moto and 3D printing enthusiast, took a 3D printing class from Dr. Chris McCoy, CEO & Co-Founder of You3Dit, at TechShop SF. A few more happenstance meetings at a local Philz coffee shop in San Francisco where the two chatted about their love for 3D Printing and for motorcycles… and the idea was born. Chris and Thomas dreamed of bringing to life, the ability to make anything, anywhere.

Powered by their highly-capable and sometimes delirious team, Chris and Thomas would like to thank the following miracle-workers for helping turn their idea into a reality:

  • Lori Chen, COO & Co-Founder at You3Dit
  • Colleen Dillon, Project Manager at SF Moto
  • Nancy Garcia Von Kriegenbergh, Assistant Sales Manager at SF Moto
  • Ruben Ramirez, Summer Intern at You3Dit

About You3Dit

You3Dit is a web-based 3D design and digital manufacturing company based in San Francisco, CA. For anyone who wants to make, personalize or prototype hardware, You3Dit brings ideas to life by crowdsourcing designs and leveraging a global network of desktop manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting and other CNC machines. You3Dit customers experience a unique and interactive process that allows them to work hand-in-hand with designers and fabricators from around the world; leveraging the leading edge of collaborative manufacturing.

About SF Moto

SF Moto has been San Francisco’s leading used motorcycle dealer for the past 15 years. A little over a year ago they took on three major motorcycle brands—Honda, Kawasaki, and Zero—and have never looked back. Like the brands they represent, SF Moto is determined to be involved (and in fact integral) as the industry moves forward.

Featured image: SFMototype