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Russia’s First 3D Printing Conference Starts February 2014

Christmas is almost here, which means that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So, if your partner is into 3D printing and happens to be in or around Moscow on February 14th, I have got the most romantic present idea for you. Ok, so forget the whole Valentine’s Day nonsense. What’s really important here is that Russia is holding its first international 3D printing conference, 3D Print Expo, and it just so happens to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

3D Print Expo, to be held February 13-14, 2014 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre in Moscow, will bring together scientists, manufacturers, suppliers, investors, software developers, and everyone in between to learn about and network around 3D printing. Though the technology is still gaining popularity in Russia, this expo seeks to increase awareness for those yet to be introduced to the technology. At the same time, current 3D printing users will have a chance to spread their own knowledge and connect with various members of industry to increase the presence of additive manufacturing in the country.

Chocolate 3D Printing 3D Print Expo RussiaThe first day of the exhibition, February 13th, will be devoted to professionals and executives interested in learning about how 3D printing can be applied to their own businesses. There you will find venture capital funds, managers, marketing experts and others networking with 3D printing experts to gain a better understanding of 3D printing. The following day will be open to anyone interested in learning more about the technology. Any and everyone will be in attendance, from healthcare professionals to chefs looking to use 3D printing in their baking or cooking practice. In fact, the event will feature a Chocolate Festival, in which patrons will have an opportunity to learn about chocolate printing and take part in a modelling and tasting contest.

Alongside booths and speakers revolving around the use of 3D printing in food preparation, 3D Print Expo will cover a huge range of topics, such as: architecture, art, fashion, healthcare, jewellery, film, transportation, entertainment and education. Some of the exhibitors already booked include: Russian 3D printer distributor PRINT THE FUTURE, 3D scanning company and producer of miniature replicas, Atelier 3D, and biodegradable materials researcher ESUN. Tickets range in price from 200RUB to 2500RUB ($6 to $76), depending on your desired involvement in the event, with one ticket allowing entrance to the EAAPA 2014 (Eurasian Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo).

I may have been a bit careless in discarding all of that stuff about Valentine’s Day. Judging by the video below, patrons of the event might well get to take home some pretty cool looking 3D-printed chocolates:

Source: 3D Print Expo