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RIZE begins shipment of XRIZE full color 3D printer

Boston-based 3D printer manufacturer RIZE has begun commercial shipments of its XRIZE system

Initially launched by the company in late 2018, the XRIZE is a full color 3D printer using RIZE’s  proprietary Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) technology. The system is designed for use in office and field environments, and intended to help users shorten time to market and reduce part costs. 

“The XRIZE 3D printer is a game changer in the industry,” commented Andy Kalambi, President and CEO of RIZE Inc. “XRIZE brings full color into the mainstream to expand applications across many industries and expand usage of 3D Printing across many users – engineering, sales and marketing, production and service.” 

“We retain our focus on safety and simplicity to ensure that both new and expert users can join the 3D Printing revolution.”

Andy Kalambi, President and CEO of Rize inc. Photo by Michael Petch.
Andy Kalambi, President and CEO of Rize, next to XRIZE 3D printer. Photo by Michael Petch.

Augmented Polymer Deposition 3D printing

The XRIZE system is capable of 3D printing functional parts in full color using non-toxic and recyclable materials. Its full color capabilities are enabled by RIZE’s patented APD technology. This hybrid process merges extrusion based FFF with material jetting technology. As material is extruded to form the part, a printhead jets the company’s Rizium release ink, combining the design flexibility of FFF while allowing further material flexibility and improved surface finishes. 

Using jetting allows the application of more inks to help tune the properties of the extruded plastic, including multi color capabilities using full CMYK color inks. RIZE has been gearing up to provide a full color 3D printer in response to customer demand, as explained by Eugene Geller, Founder and CTO of RIZE, in an interview in 2017. 

Sample full color 3D printed part from the XRIZE. Photo via RIZE
A sample full color 3D printed part from the new XRIZE system. Photo via RIZE

Full color 3D printing opens up a range of different applications using graphics and texts, giving customers more choice in the appearance of the finished product. It enables traceability in manufacturing processes with the ability to code parts, for example jigs and fixtures on an assembly line. Coding and installing data within parts can also be utilized as an anti-counterfeiting measure, in what RIZE terms as Digitally Augmented Parts (DAP). Prototyping and product development can also be realized with increased accuracy with the option to 3D print in different colors. 

Material compatibility of the XRIZE

The XRIZE 3D printer comes equipped with a 310 x 200 x 200 mm build volume, and alongside CMYK ink, it is compatible with a range of RIZIUM materials for different applications. These include prototyping, tooling and end use/service applications in manufacturing, package design, AEC, consumer products and medicine.

For example, RIZIUM CARBON is a carbon-fiber reinforced thermoplastic that be used with the XRIZE to 3D print functional prototypes. The material is not compatible with CMYK ink however. RIZIUM ENDURA on the other hand can be used with the full color inks, and is specially suited to producing large parts with high impact strength properties.

The XRIZE 3D printer. Photo via RIZE
The XRIZE 3D printer. Photo via RIZE.

Since its launch, the XRIZE was the recipient of a 2019 Innovation Award from industrial products magazine New Equipment Digest (NED), where it was one of six winners based on “game-changing advances in equipment design.” The XRIZE also forms the center of the company’s ‘Smart Spaces’ initiative, which aims to connect 3D printing with other digital technologies, enabling the creation of  “new haptic experiences for design engineers.” The system is RIZE’s second 3D printer offering after the RIZE ONE

Also using APD technology, the RIZE ONE is capable of rendering images onto white parts in blue ink through the company’s RIZE One Touch software. Recently, RIZE announced that the system had received the UL 2904 GREENGUARD Certification. Products qualified with the certification are scientifically proven to comply with rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards. 

RIZE will be presenting the XRIZE full-color 3D printer at Formnext 2019 in Frankfurt, November 19 – 22 in Hall 12.1, Stand F11. 

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Featured image shows the XRIZE 3D printer at Formnext 2018. Photo by Beau Jackson