Rinkak Provides Toyota with Mass 3D Printing for i-Road Project

Japanese 3D printing marketplace Rinkak has quickly been growing in stature, as it launches a variety of innovative products and services.  The latest news should firmly establish the company behind Rinkak, Kabuku Inc., as a major player in the industry.  Today, Kabuku announced that it would be providing the 3D printed, mass customized parts for Toyota’s i-Road Personal Mobility Vehicle.

i-road from toyota 3D printing with Rinkak mass customization

Previously covered on 3DPI, the i-Road is a cloud-connected, one-person vehicle for inner city driving currently in a pilot phase taking place over the course of the next year in Tokyo.  The vehicle is meant to be highly customizable, learning the musical and destination preferences of its driver.  On top of that, Toyota’s 100 participants taking part in the company’s Open Road Project will get to 3D print custom parts for their car.


Rinkak’s new Mass Customization Service will 3D print each component, customized by the drivers in terms of colors and surface textures.  And, even the large hood component will be printed in a single piece.  The components will hit the road this month, as iRoad participants take to the streets.  The pilot will allow Toyota to better understand the potential for such product personalization, while Rinkak gets to show off its Mass Customization Service in the most densely populated city in the world.