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Love and Vacuum Cleaner Parts: Pzartech's 3D Printing Market Place is Ready for Valentine's Day

After being selected among the top qualifiers in a recent start-up contest in Paris, Israeli firm Pzartech has entered its beta phase and launched a limited selection of designs, including one that might come in handy for Valentine’s Day. The local 3D printing service now lets you customize a smartphone case with a special message for your loved one and get it 3D printed near you.


While the selection of 3D printing services and shops registered to the Israeli site is still somewhat limited, Pzartech is shaping up to be a local alternative to 3D Hubs, with a particular focus on plastic replacement parts, such as, for example, vacuum cleaner parts.

The company, founded by Business Lead Jeremie Brabet-Adonajlo, Product Lead Joachim Hagege, and R&D Lead Yonathan Aflalo, offers the opportunity to both sell functional and decorative designs and register a 3D printer for local service. All customers have to do is select the desired model, customize it, and choose if they want to pick it up at a local 3D print shop – selected by automated geolocalization – or have it shipped home.

vacuum cleaner model

The service is still at an early stage of development, but it does show promise: as more and more products are made digitally available, getting them 3D printed locally will just become the most natural and convenient way to get them. When that happens, Pzartech will be ready. February 14th is just the beginning.