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The Bonsai BS Toy 3D Printer: Cute, Tiny, and Kid-Friendly

While Bonsailab is the name of the Japanese company behind it, the new BS Toy 3D printer, unveiled at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, is directly reminiscent of a typical miniature bonsai tree: first of all, it’s green and, second, it is damn cute. It seems perfect both as a toy and and as a toy making tool.

bonsai kid 3d printer toys

It measures only 200 x 200 x 200mm, which is not the print volume (which is 130 x 125 x 100; still larger than a MakerBot Mini), but the volume of the 3D printer itself, which only weight 2 Kg. If your children aren’t interested in it (unlikely), you will have a perfectly portable printer to take with you anywhere, at a price expected to be in the order of $500 to $600.

The kid-focused 3D printer represents the newest evolution of the Bonsailab BS 01+ line of colorful desktop 3D printers. What makes it particularly suited for children is that it uses a particular type of Polymakr developed filament, called LT80, which melts around 80° C, a temperature that will eliminate the risk of severe burns.

bonsailab 3D printed toys

While 3D printers are ideal for children to express their creativity, models specifically catered to their needs – especially with respect to safety and ease of use – have not yet hit the market. For this reason, the BS Toy might create a new market segment. If that happens, 3D printable toys marketplaces such as ToyFabb and 3DaGoGo will certainly be grateful. I personally think that times are ripe.