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PYI Neptune Indiegogo Campaign

PYI, a company from Slovenia, has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their newest product, the Neptune. This 3D printer has been marketed the company as ‘The Large and Affordable’ printer, which is said to retail at $1399, though their two early bird packages are being sold at $799 and $699. This new printer boasts some pretty impressive specs for its size, with a print space of 300 cubic millimetres, a resolution of up to 50 microns and the ability to use a large range of materials as a print medium.

The Neptune also posses auto-levelling to save time during setup for print, an aluminium frame which is lightweight whilst remaining strong, and has a hot end that reaches up to 300 degrees Celsius, providing a wide range in temperature for a wide range of printing materials. Its changeable nozzles allow for pieces to be printed in various levels of detail, whilst its linear rail motion allows for smooth printing and its heating bend helps minimise warping of finished prints.

PYI stands for ‘Print Your Imagination’, and the company’s aim is exactly this. The user can either print their own models with the Neptune, or print a model from their database, which saves the user the grief of having to know the ins and out of 3D modelling software straight away. The printer itself also comes fully assembled, so no worries of incorrectly putting it together before trying to use it, and the software comes pre-installed in the printer itself, with all the settings ready to go.

Manufacture is set to start in November this year, and it has been scheduled for them to be shipped in January 2017.


About PYI:

“We  have been active followers of 3D printing for over 4 years. After monitoring news, reading comparisons and testing different models, we really couldn’t decide which 3D printer  would be most appropriate for everyday use as well as professional needs. Whilst there are many advantages and disadvantages of every single model, we realised that many of them were not good  value for money We developed the NEPTUNE model which is the best you can get for the money you pay.” – PYI
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