3D Printing

Prosthetic Allows Teen to Play Guitar with 3D Printed Purpose

Let it be known that a physical disability has never prevented the determined musician from pursuing their passion. My preferred example is history’s greatest guitarist, Django Reinhardt, who, after a fire paralyzed the third and fourth fingers on his left hand, used only his index and middle fingers to be one of the fastest, yet most elegant jazz guitarist the world has ever known.

Translated into the modern era, Django’s story is replayed by Diego Corredor, who supplanted a missing limb with a 3D printed prosthesis designed and manufactured by the Columbian 3D printing bureau, 3Dglück. Though he had an artificial arm with which to perform daily tasks, what Diego really wanted was something with which to learn how to play guitar. Juan Camilo Monoroy, co-founder of 3Dglück, modeled the arm to reflect Diego’s favorite music, by brandishing it with the name of his favorite band, Linkin Park.  More importantly, the arm has allowed Diego to grow into the talented musician that he is.  Watch as he shreds his guitar in the video below: