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Prodways introduces 3D Super-Resolution algorithms to 2021 printer range

French 3D printer manufacturer and service provider Prodways has announced several new developments across its MOVINGLight ProMaker range.

The firm will introduce 3D Super-Resolution to its range of MovingLight 3D printers updated for 2021, optimize its post-processing offering, and has agreed the sale of two new machines to Polish orthodontic aligner manufacturer, Brightalign.

“Prodways Group is constantly innovating to help its customers increase their productivity and improve their results,” said Olivier Strebelle, CEO of Prodways Group. “Our 3D Super-Resolution technology combined with a major software update provides an improved surface finish while reducing manufacturing time. This technology is complemented by centrifugal post-processing, which is much more economical and environmentally-friendly than isopropanol processing.”

“This innovative duo breathes life into this range to better serve the most demanding sectors, requiring accuracy and speed.”

Integrating Super Resolution technology

After two years of research and development (R&D), Prodways is integrating 3D Super-Resolution into its MOVINGLight ProMaker LD Series as part of its 2021 update to the range. The newly developed 3D algorithms will significantly improve aesthetic rendering beyond the machines’ native resolution of 42µm.

Prodways’ MOVINGLight technology produces high-resolution parts at high speeds from a liquid resin through digital light processing (DLP) photopolymerization.

The Super-Resolution software, which brings together machine, software intelligence, and treatment processes, has been designed to reduce the pixelation of surfaces close to the 3D model without compromising production efficiency. Prodways has installed the system at a number of its customers with high production volumes in order to improve part quality while reducing production times.

The group has also unveiled a new optimized centrifuge post-processing device to clean clear dental aligners, while simultaneously increasing the recycling rate of uncured resin.

The ProMaker LD10 Dental Series provides the 42 µm resolution of MOVINGLight® technology. Image via Prodways.
The ProMaker LD10 Dental Series provides the 42 µm resolution of MOVINGLight® technology. Image via Prodways.

Consolidation in the dental market

According to Prodways, these recent developments have put its MOVINGLight technology in a strong position within the dental sector, particularly within orthodontic aligners. As a result, the group has sold two of its MOVINGLight ProMaker LD 20 machines to Polish orthodontic product manufacturer Brightalign.

Brightalign has previously purchased two previous generation machines from Prodways, with the latest investment intending to significantly increase its production capacities.

Earlier this year, Prodways strengthened its footprint in the US dental market by partnering with 3DBioCAD, the dental CAD/CAM division of B&B Dental Ceramic Arts’ full-service dental laboratory. Prodways was the first dental reseller for the Renton-based company, which chose the group for its MOVINGLight Technology.

Prior to this, the group completed a series of 3D printer sales to three major chemical companies for R&D and manufacturing purposes, selling several of its selective laser sintering (SLS) machines to DSMBASF, and Arkema.

At the beginning of 2020, Prodways further cemented its position in the U.S. and European dental markets through the integration of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform as well as the acquisition of a minority stake in its North American partner, XD Innovation. Through the partnership, the group aimed to launch XD Innovation Europe to support the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform in this region.

3D printed dental model. Photo via Prodways.
3D printed dental model. Photo via Prodways.

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Featured image shows the ProMaker LD10 Dental Series provides the 42 µm resolution of MOVINGLight® technology. Image via Prodways.