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Print+'s 3D Printed Headphone Kit is Music to a Maker's Ears

Did you hear about the newest 3D printed DIY kit to hit the Kickstarter market? Well Print+ wants you to literally hear it with their DIY headphone kit, composed of 3D printable files and speaker parts, and designed to be built with your very own hands. Founded by Patrick Schuur, Print+ is working towards bringing 3D printable DIY projects into every home. They are hoping to reach their Kickstarter goal of $11,000. so that they can release the DIY headphones kit as their very first consumer project.


Print+ has put together an all-inclusive package equipped with all the files needed to manufacture the headphones, a design guideline booklet, and speaker parts, including 40mm speakers, ear cushions, a headband, and an audio cable. The 3D printed parts are available for free download, and if you happen to be without access to a personal desktop 3D printer, the kit is available for manufacturing through 3D Hubs’ local printing network.


There are five different parts designed to be printed from PLA filament: two speaker housings, two speaker covers, and the headframe that connects it all. The DIY headphone kit is meant to be easy-to-use and affordable. The parts are easily printed without the need for any support structure, and all five parts can be printed in a total time of around 20 hours. The assembly is just as simple, using no screws, glue, or any other tools, creating a kit that snaps together both beautifully and sturdily. If printed from your own 3D printer, the parts are only estimated to cost you between €5 and €10, depending on the quality of plastic material that is used. If you need to manufacture the kit through a certified 3D Hub, the cost of the parts would rise to around €30 to €40.


The DIY Headphone kit can be printed in the endless possibilities of color that are available in the PLA format, and Print+ has also produced three various designs for the shape and form of the speaker housing. The team found it important to offer a large amount of color choices for both the parts and the ear cushion, as well, as a way to highlight the customizability of such 3D printable kits.


Print+ hopes to be shipping their DIY headphone kits on an international level by March 2016, and are offering great bundles in exchange for various levels of Kickstarter support. Support of the project will allow funders early access to the 3D files for the parts in an open source fashion, giving them the opportunity to use, customize, and improve the 3D printed parts that make up the housing of their DIY kit. Starting with the DIY headphone kit, Print+ hopes to create a Maker in every household; their plan to release affordable and easily assembled headphone kits should be music to any aspiring Maker’s ear.