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Pre-Orders Begin for Zortrax's Inventure 3D Printer

After receiving rave reviews (by us in particular) for their M200 desktop 3D printer, the Polish 3D printer company Zortrax is aiming for even bigger and better capability with their newly released Zortrax Inventure, otherwise known by the company as their ‘Pro’ model of the M200. Although the two printers are similar in function and design, the new and improved Inventure offers users noticeably higher quality functioning and prints, as well as a bigger build volume, among other improved features. Although we here at 3D Printing Industry have yet to get our hands on the Zortrax Inventure, we’re expecting it to be pretty awesome, considering how we felt about the less expensive and more compact Zortrax M200.

3dprinting_zortraxOne of the greatest improvements that Zortrax made with their newest 3D printer model is definitely the build volume, which is almost double that of M200. The Inventure is capable of 3D printing sizable objects up to 140 x 140 x 140mm. Even more excitedly, the Zortrax team was able to greatly improve the build volume without sacrificing any quality at all. Both printers are able to reach a 90 micron layer resolution.


One of the most unique features implemented into the Zortrax Inventure is the Dissolvable Support System, which builds 3D printed support structures out of a separate material that actually dissolves in water. This doesn’t just make support easily removed, it also promotes an extremely clean break from the 3D print, helping to produce extremely well-rounded and smooth prototypes. Zortrax has also created a specialized proprietary filament for the Inventure called Z-ULTRAT Plus, an advanced polymer-based material able to print complex and demanding 3D printing operations in just a single print. It is worth noting that the Z-ULTRAT Plus filament cartridge is the only compatible material listed for the Zortrax Inventure on the company’s website, but that may change sometime in the near future.


All in all, it seems that the Inventure was developed to satisfy those makers who wanted their 3D printed prototypes to be a bit bigger in size and better in quality. The M200 is more compact, less expensive, and still offers great quality prints, but Zortrax is holding an online pre-sale of their Inventure (which is going on until December 23) cuts the retail price down from $3,000 to just around $2,399, which is only about $500 more then the price tag on a new M200.

Correction: This article originally listed the build volume of the Inventure as much larger than its actual build volume of 140 x 140 x 140mm.