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Printelize Launches Online Sales Software for 3D Printing Pros

For those who don’t have a 3D printer, but want to have a 3D printed item, there are several solutions available on the web. The most well-known are i.materialise, Shapeways, and Sculpteo, who offer endless 3D printing possibilities, from the popular FDM to the much more complex SLA and SLS, as well as finishings with precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. All of these companies offer their own services, 3D printing ordered three dimensional models by themselves. But what about other companies who also offer professional 3D printing services, but don’t have the accompanying marketplace and online order platform? Polish startup Printelize has an interesting solution…

Printelize (previously known as Printify) is a tech venture set up in 2014 by a team of software professionals. With a headquarters in Poland, the business is accelerated by the European Commission and the FABulous program. Earlier this year Printelize released a 2-sided marketplace for 3D printing services, the Printelize Marketplace. Now, the company is presenting a more advanced version of its software targeted to professional users of 3D printers.

Printelize online sales software for 3D printing

Printelize Professional is a subscription-based (Software as a Service) online sales automation platform that helps users manage customer relationships, create quotes based on uploaded files, and process orders together with financial transactions. In other words, its a complex working environment for professionals specializing in 3D printing on demand.

All services are available under a customer’s own domain name and own branding, as the platform is offered as a white-label solution. To use Printelize Professional, users pay €150 a month (or more – depending on additional special features offered), but there is also a free trial version, which is fantastic proposal for 3D bureaus of any size. In fact, it is far cheaper than creating a static website and Printelize Professional can function like one as well.

Printelize sales software for 3D printing

By using Printelize Professional the preparation of quotes for customers requires nothing more than uploading of a 3D model and the selection of 3D printing parameters. The system calculates prices together with shipping costs based on the initial account settings. Alternatively, users can create quotes for customers and send them out from the system. This means that Printelize Professional can work as a company’s internal tool, not displayed publicly.

But that’s not everything Printelize Professional has to offer. Other useful features include dynamic pricing formulas (with Excel-like syntax),  as well as inventory and consumables management. It also allows for creating email templates, managing color schemes, and the creation of salesperson accounts. 3D bureaus owners can also decide if they’d like their platform to be  publicly accessible or only available to selected customers after log in.

And, for all 3D Printing Industry readers, the Printelize team has prepared a special deal: by entering the vucher code ‘3DPICOM’, you’ll get three months of unlimited use on Printelize, completely free of charge. The code is valid until the end of November and should be enetered during the registration process.